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The Ultimate Guide To The Visa Card visa card guide

Last updated on December 21st, 2021

You may have heard about the Card, which offers rather attractive rewards such as cashback with CRO, and even ‘free’ Spotify and Netflix!

However, you may be wary of how this card works, especially if you are new to cryptocurrencies.

Here’s my experience with using the card for the past year.

How does the card work?

The card is a prepaid Visa debit card that you can use at any merchants which support Visa transactions. You will need to top up your debit card on the app before you can make any purchases. After making each purchase, you will receive cashback in the form of CRO tokens.

The card is a debit card, and not a credit card. Furthermore, it is a prepaid debit card.

This means that you’ll need to fund your account first. If you do not have enough funds on your debit card, your transaction cannot go through!

Here is a step-by-step process of how you can earn cashback on the Visa Card:

  1. Top up your Visa Card Wallet with a credit card, crypto wallet or fiat wallet
  2. Make a purchase with your Visa card
  3. Receive the cashback in your Crypto wallet

The first thing you’ll need to do is to top up your Visa card, using one of these methods:

  1. Credit card
  2. Crypto wallet
  3. Fiat wallet (for some countries only)

You’ll need to keep track of your top-ups, especially if you’re using your card for recurring transfers.

This has happened to me a couple of times for my Circles Life subscription, as I did not have enough funds in my card to pay for the monthly fee.

Circles Life Bill Did Not Go Through

If you are looking to top up your card in Singapore, here are 2 ways that you can do so.

Another thing to note is that your Fiat wallet and Card wallet are 2 separate wallets on the App. For example, the Fiat wallet is linked to your StraitsX account if you’re from Singapore.

Meanwhile, your Card wallet is the wallet where your funds will be deducted from whenever you make a purchase with the Visa card.

Even though both of these wallets contain fiat currencies, they are separate from each other.

You will earn cashback in the form of CRO

Whenever you make a transaction with your card, you will be eligible for cashback. Here are the cashback rates which depends on the card that you’re using:

CardCashbackCRO Stake
Amount (in SGD)
Frosted Rose Gold
/ Icy White
Royal Indigo
/ Jade Green
Ruby Steel2%$500
Midnight Blue1%None

To receive the different cards that are offered by, you will need to stake a certain amount of CRO in the App.

The App is different from the Exchange, and you can view my comparison between these 2 platforms here.

The staking requirements from the Royal Indigo / Jade Green cards onwards is really high! I would only recommend staking these amounts if you are familiar with how cryptocurrencies work.

If you are new to crypto like I initially was, I settled for the Ruby Steel card.

MCO Visa Card

This card offers me a 2% cashback on any transactions that I make with the card.

MCO Visa Card Cashback

The cashback reward will be deposited into my CRO Crypto wallet in the app. Card CRO Cashback

If you’re in Singapore, you will be able to receive cashback when you use the Visa card to pay for your bus and MRT rides! Visa Card MRT Cashback

While the 2% cashback is really sweet, do take note that it is in the form of CRO, and not fiat currency! The price of CRO can be quite volatile, so it really depends on how well this currency performs.

If the value of CRO starts to plunge, you may actually have much less in the form of fiat currency, compared to the time where you earned this cashback.

The CRO cashback will be credited to your App’s Crypto Wallet. This gives you a few options on what you can use with your CRO:

  1. Trade it for another cryptocurrency on the App
  2. Sell it to a fiat currency
  3. Top up your Card Wallet using the CRO you’ve earned
  4. Put it in Earn or the Supercharger

An example of how the cashback works

Let’s say, for example, you have the Ruby Steel card which gives you 2% cashback.

You may have made a purchase of $50. Since you are receiving 2% cashback, you will receive $0.50 cents worth in rebates.

To make things easier, let’s say the price of CRO is $0.50. This means that you will receive 1 CRO as cashback in your Crypto Wallet.

However, the price of CRO may fluctuate. When you want to cash out your CRO to fiat, the price of 1 CRO may drop from $0.50 to $0.40.

This means that even though you are still selling 1 CRO, you will only receive $0.40 instead of the initial $0.50 you were supposed to receive!

This is due to the fluctuation of prices of CRO with respect to the different fiat currencies.

As such, it would be best to know how cryptocurrencies work before you start using this card!

Does the Visa card have any cashback exclusions?

You will not be able to receive cashback on certain transactions. This includes transactions that fall under a certain MCC (e.g. 4829), as well as transactions made with merchants that are based in a certain country.

You can find out the full exclusion list on’s website.

There are currently 14 MCCs that are excluded from earning cashback with the Visa card. It would be good to double-check if your transaction falls under these categories before making the purchase!

What does the cashback reversal mean for the Visa card?

If you make a transaction with your Visa card that falls under the restricted list, your cashback may be reversed. This means that the CRO that you earned as cashback will be deducted from your Crypto Wallet.

There may be times where the transaction that you make falls under the list of cashback exclusions. Although you received your cashback at first, it will ultimately be deducted from your wallet!

This was the scenario that happened to me. Card Cashback Reversal

As such, it would be good to make sure that any transaction that you make does not fall under any of the excluded categories!

Is there a limit on the cashback for the Visa card?

There are no limits to the cashback that you can earn from spending on the Visa card, apart from the top-up limits that are imposed based on your local currency.

Some cashback cards may have a limit to the cashback you can earn, up to a certain amount of spending per month. For the Visa card, there is no limit stated!

However, this depends on the regulations of your country as well. For example, Singapore poses a S$30,000 annual spending limit when you are using the Visa card to make purchases. This would mean that your cashback will be capped to a $30,000 annual spend.

For the special purchase cashback that has, there is a limit to the amount that you can receive:

Cashback (%)
Cashback Cap
ExpediaUp to 10%US$50 per month
AirbnbUo to 10%US$100 per month
Spotify100%US$12.99 per month
Netflix100%US$13.99 per month
Amazon Prime100%US$12.99 per month

If you are using the Visa card for normal spending apart from these services, there are no such limits.

Can I use my Visa card anywhere?

You are able to use your Visa card at any merchant which accepts Visa payments. However, you may be unable to make a purchase in certain countries, depending on where your card was issued.

Overall, you should be able to use the Visa card at most places where Visa is accepted. With over 180 countries in Visa’s network, you shouldn’t have a problem in most countries!

However, there may be some countries where you can’t use your Visa card in. Since I’m in Singapore, I can’t use my card to make purchases in countries such as:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Central Africa Republic
  3. Cuba

Depending on where your card is issued, there may be some countries where your card won’t be accepted.

Can I use my Visa card in Singapore?

You are able to use your Visa card at any merchants in Singapore which accept Visa transactions.

I’ve been using my Visa card for the past 1 year. So far, I did not encounter any issues where my Visa card was rejected.

Here’s how I’ve used my Visa card for certain transactions in Singapore. Visa Card Singapore Transactions

One reason why your card was rejected could be because you did not have enough money in your Card wallet. It’d be good to check your wallet to make sure you have enough for each transaction. Visa Card Value

Can I store foreign currencies on my Visa card? allows you to store up to 8 foreign currencies in your Card Wallet. You are also able to pay for a transaction using the supported foreign currencies based on the prevailing exchange rate.

With my Singapore-issued card, I was able to make transactions in USD, such as paying for my domain on NameCheap. Visa Card Foreign Transaction

The only issue with this is that the exchange rate is not reflected here. I did not have any USD on my card, and it was automatically converted to USD.

To find out the actual exchange rate, you will need to go to the specific transaction in your CRO wallet. Card SGD USD

Over here, you will be able to determine how much in SGD you paid for this USD transaction.

Issues with making foreign transactions for Singapore cards

One issue that I have with my card in Singapore is making transactions in foreign currencies.

There were some transactions that I wanted to make in USD, when my base currency is SGD.

However, the transaction seems unable to go through, even after trying multiple times!

This is quite strange because these transactions in foreign currencies used to work. However, after the Wirecard saga, I am now unable to make any purchases in foreign currencies.

Are there any foreign transaction fees when using the Visa card?

There are no foreign transaction fees when you are using the Visa card, up to a certain limit depending on the current Visa card that you own (only in Singapore). When you are past this limit, you will be charged a 0.5% fee for each transaction.

When you are making a foreign transaction using your card, you will be converting your currency at the current interbank charges.

Once you are past this limit, you will be charged a 0.5% fee. Interbank Fee After Limit

You can view this under the ‘Fees and Limits‘ section on your App.

The limits that you have depends on the tier of card that you have. Interbank Limits SGD

After scrolling through all of the fees for the different countries, it seems that only cards issued in Singapore will be charged this fee.

If you own a card that is issued in another country, you will not be subject to this limit or fee!

Is the card a metal card?

All cards (except for the Midnight Blue card) are metal cards. The metal cards are only issued if you have staked a certain amount of CRO in the App.

If you decide not to stake any CRO, you are still eligible to apply for the Midnight Blue card. However, this card is plastic, and not metal like the other 6 cards!

Can I get a Visa card without staking CRO?

It is possible for you to get a Visa card without staking CRO. However, you will be issued the Midnight Blue Visa card, which has the least amount of cashback and benefits of the different tiers of cards.

If you sign up for the App and just request for a card, you will still be eligible for the Midnight Blue card without staking anything!

However, if you do intend to upgrade in the future, you may want to take note of the $50 card reissue fee for each new card that you request for.

Is the card contactless?

The card is able to support contactless transactions at any merchant that supports Visa payWave.

So long as the shop that you’re making a payment at supports Visa payWave, you should have no issues with making a contactless transaction!

Can you use the card for online transactions?

You are able to use the card at online merchants which support Visa.

If you are deciding if you can use your card for an online purchase, you can look out for the available payment methods at the checkout page.

Available Payment Methods Online Shopping

However, this should not be a problem as most merchants would accept Visa transactions!

Can you withdraw money from the Visa card?

You are unable to withdraw the money from your Visa card wallet to the fiat wallet in the App. However, it is possible for you to make an ATM withdrawal to withdraw the money from your card.

Currently, does not allow you to transfer funds from your Visa card back to your fiat wallet.

When you look at the ‘Card‘ tab on the App, there is no function for you to transfer the funds from your Card wallet to your Fiat wallet. Visa Card Wallet

Apart from spending money on your Visa card, the only other way that you can withdraw money from the card is by making an ATM withdrawal.

The amount of money that you can withdraw depends on the card tier that you own. Free ATM Limits SG

If you exceed your Monthly Free Limit, you will incur a 2% fee. ATM Fees

Can I upgrade my Visa card?

You are able to upgrade the Visa card by increasing the amount of CRO you will be staking on the App. The new amount of CRO that you stake will be locked up for 6 months after increasing your stake.

Whenever you upgrade your Visa card, you will need to increase the amount of staked CRO you have on the App.

Increase CRO Stake

The amount that you’ll need to stake will depend on your country.

One thing you may want to note is that your CRO will be locked up for another 6 months. This includes the CRO that you’ve previously staked as well!

How do I upgrade my Visa card?

To upgrade your Visa card, you will need to send a support ticket to after you have increased your stake amount. You will be able to select a new card, based on the amount of CRO that you have staked.

After increasing your CRO stake amount, the new Visa card will not be automatically issued to you. Instead, you will need to contact support to upgrade your card. Visa Card Upgrade

You will be able to select which Visa card you wish to upgrade to, based on your stake amount. Card Select Card

You may want to note that for every new Visa card that you order after your first card, you will incur a reissue fee of $50. Card Reissue Fee

This fee will be deducted from your card wallet. If you are intending to upgrade your card in the future, this is something to consider!

Should I choose the Ruby Steel or the Jade Green Visa card?

The Jade Green Visa card is suitable if you wish to enjoy the higher cashback, additional free Netflix rebate, as well as higher interest rates on Earn. However, if you are unwilling to commit a high amount of money to buy the required amount of CRO, the Ruby Steel card will be more suitable.

It really depends on the amount of investment that you’re willing to make into the ecosystem. If you believe that will do well in the future, it wouldn’t hurt to invest a larger amount to buy more CRO.

However, you may not have enough funds to buy the Jade Green card. It is still possible to stake enough CRO for the Ruby Steel card before switching to the Jade Green card later.

You may want to note that you will incur a $50 fee when you wish to upgrade to the Jade Green card!

Should I choose the Royal Indigo or Jade Green Visa card?

The Royal Indigo card has a more striking design and it does look more professional compared to the Jade Green card. However, Jade Green will be more suitable for you if you prefer the colour green.

You may want to note that there is no difference in these 2 cards, apart from the design. You will still be able to earn cashback on Spotify and Netflix, as well as a 10% staking return on your CRO!

Ultimately, it depends on which colour you prefer more.

What does ‘Earn Bonus Reward’ mean for the Icy White, Frosted Gold and Obsidian cards?

When you upgrade your Visa card to either the Icy White, Frosted Gold and Obsidian card, you will be eligible to earn an extra 2% on your Crypto Earn holdings in the form of CRO (only for non-CRO fixed term deposits).

You may have noticed that the top 2 tiers of the Visa card have an extra benefit called ‘Earn Bonus Reward‘. Visa Card Earn Bonus Reward

What this actually means is that you will be able to earn extra interest in Earn. You will still earn the same interest rates in-kind for the tokens that you’ve lent out with Earn.

For example, you will still earn 6.5% interest on BTC for a 3-month term, so long as you own a Jade Green or Royal Indigo card or higher. Visa Card Jade Green And Above

For the top 2 tiers of the Visa Card, you will earn an additional 2% interest on your crypto holdings. Instead of it being in-kind, you will earn this extra 2% in the form of CRO instead. Visa Card Icy White And Higher

This will only be applicable to your non-CRO deposits. If you lend out CRO on Earn, you will still earn 6% for a 3-month term. Earn CRO Non Deposits

Does the Visa card have a monthly fee?

The card currently does not charge a monthly fee to use their card.

There are currently no charges that you’ll incur from using the Visa card, apart from the reissue fee. Visa Card No Fees

As such, you do not incur any monthly fees when you are using this card.

Does the card affect my credit score?

The card is a prepaid Visa debit card. As such, it will not affect your credit score directly. However, if you used a credit card to top up your card, that amount that you’ve topped up may affect your credit score if you are unable to pay it back on time.

As a debit card, the card will not directly affect your credit score.

However, if you used a credit card to top up the card, it may affect your credit score if you aren’t able to pay your bills on time!

Can I add my card to Apple Pay?

The card can be added to Apple Pay if you’re from the US. However, if you’re from Singapore or Europe, you are unable to add your card to Apple Pay.

I tried to add my card to Apple Pay, but it doesn’t work in Singapore. Visa Card Apple Pay Singapore

This is due to the restrictions on the type of cards that can be added to Apple Pay in Singapore.

However, if you are in the US, there should not be a problem when adding your card to Apple Pay.

Can I add my card to Google Pay?

It is possible to add your card to Google Pay. However, this depends on Google accepting the card which may differ from country to country.

For my card that was issued in Singapore, I had no problems in adding my card to Google Pay. Visa Card Add To Google Pay

This is even though the Visa card does not fall under this list of supported cards.

If you are wondering if your card can be added to Google Pay, there is definitely no harm in trying it out!

Can I add my card to GrabPay?

It is possible for you to add your card to your Grab wallet to make payments via GrabPay. However, you will be unable to top up your GrabPay wallet using your card.

From time to time, may provide some promotions where you can receive a higher amount of CRO cashback when making payments on Grab.

Once you’ve added your card to your Grab wallet, you can make these purchases and earn the extra cashback!

However, I tried to top up the GrabPay wallet with my Visa card, and here’s the result.

GrabPay Top Up Visa Card

Is the card worth it?

The card is a good way for retail investors to gain their first exposure to cryptocurrencies, due to the ability to connect your fiat wallet with your crypto wallet. If you are confident that CRO will continue to perform well, the card is suitable to help you accumulate CRO for the long term.

Previously, I signed up for the Visa card without exploring much regarding how CRO works. I mainly applied for the card to get the extra cashback!

At that time, I was more focused on selling my CRO back to SGD once it was credited to me.

However, after understanding the value of cryptocurrencies better, I’ve decided to take a buy and hold strategy for CRO.

This is because I believe that the ecosystem has the potential to do very well in the future.

As such, I am now depositing the cashback that I am earning into the Supercharger instead. This allows me to keep my CRO, and still earn some yield on it!

Furthermore, you can also decide to place your CRO into Earn which allows you to earn interest on CRO.

The Visa card is a great add-on to your spending cards, due to its ability to earn cashback on most transactions.

If you understand the value of cryptocurrencies, and especially how to cash them out, the card is definitely something you can consider!

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