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My Vision: Making Personal Finance Accessible for You

I’m a current Pharmacy undergraduate in NUS who is passionate about personal finance.

I strongly advocate everyone to become more financially literate. Personal finance is such an important skill, yet it is not being taught in schools.

Why I started this blog

I started to become interested in personal finance in late Dec 2019.

Ever since then, I have been reading different blogs and books, listening to podcasts and attending webinars to improve my financial literacy.

I love to offer tips and tricks to my friends to help them in various ways.

As such, I’ve been inspired to create this blog to compile all the advice that I’d like to share.

What my blog aims to cover

There are so many aspects to personal finance.

I hope to touch on all possible areas, and give my take on them from the perspective of an undergraduate transitioning to adulting life.

I am still learning about the different concepts required in personal finance, so I seek your understanding if I do not provide accurate facts.

If you have any dispute with the facts stated on this site, do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll change it accordingly.

What I wish to achieve with this blog

I aim to keep my articles as simple as possible so that anyone can understand them.

My math is pretty bad, so my main focus will not be on the numbers.

Rather, it will be on the practicality of applying the concepts that I’ve learnt into my life. 

I hope that my experiences can serve to educate you and help you to make more informed decisions about your finances.

Ultimately, it is my goal to encourage you to get started on your personal finance journey.

Normally, people would relate personal finance with something that only the rich or someone with a finance background would do.

However, if someone like myself is able to learn personal finance with no finance background, then I’m sure that you can too!

Why Financial Independence?

You might have heard about the term FIRE (Financial Independent, Retire Early).

I strongly believe that everyone should strive to be financially independent.

For the retiring early part, it really depends on you. Retiring early is not for everyone as you may enjoy your job (and you should definitely stick to it if you do!)

Focusing on the FI part of FIRE

Financial independence is something that is very empowering, as we are able to live the life that we want without having to worry about our finances.

For me, financial independence allows me to concentrate more on my patients when I’m a pharmacist, as any errors that I make can prove to be fatal.

It also allows me to have a positive relationship with money where money doesn’t burden me. Instead, money is able to empower me.

I would like to encourage everyone to aim towards FI so that you can spend more time doing the things that you enjoy!

I’d be happy to chat with you and learn more about your views on personal finance. You can either contact me or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Join My Team

All of us would have a different experience with personal finance.

If you’re passionate about personal finance and want to share your views, I’d be happy to have you on my team!

You can find out more here.