Airdrop Tracker

These are the airdrops that I’m currently participating in, and it’s also a personal record for me to make sure that I don’t miss out on any that I tried for:

Testnet Chains

The best part about these chains is that they have not launched their mainnet yet, so you can participate in these networks and still get tokens without paying any fees!


This is one of my very first testnet airdrops that I tried to qualify for, and I recorded my experience here:

Consensys zkEVM (Linea)

The testnet for Linea was launched just one day after Polygon’s zkEVM public mainnet, and here are some ways you can try out this network:



Join Mantle’s Crew3 dashboard with my link.

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EVM-Compatible Chains

These chains are all EVM-compatible and the good thing is that you can add them directly to your Metamask wallet:

zkSync (Era and Lite)


Arbitrum Nova

Cosmos Chains

These chains are all native to the Cosmos ecosystem, and you can use a wallet like Keplr to interact with them:


Right now, Sei network is currently running its Sunken Treasures NFT campaign, and here’s my guide on how to participate in it:

Other Networks

These networks are neither EVM-compatible nor based on the Cosmos ecosystem.



Find DApps to play with:

Test out the wallet here:

Project Tokens

These are tokens that were launched by projects:

Slingshot Finance

I’m trying to get some transactions done on Slingshot Finance, including both bridging and swapping.

image 33

There’s no indications about an airdrop yet, but there are some rumours about it.

Space ID


One of the more hotly anticipated airdrops, the rumoured snapshot is on 31st March 2023 (more details here)


While I missed out on Wave 2 of the Sui testnet, other unique projects are offering airdrops too:


Orbiter Finance

zkSync / StarkNET projects

Mint Square



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