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Last updated on January 30th, 2022 has become one of the major players in the cryptocurrency space. With their app, they aim to make cryptocurrency more accessible to the everyday investor.

Here is a guide that aims to answer some of the questions you may have regarding this app!

Is the App a wallet or an exchange?

The App is a wallet that stores all of the cryptocurrencies that you own on the app. However, it is not an exchange as you are only able to make market orders, and are not buying cryptocurrencies from another trader.

You are able to store a large number of cryptocurrencies on the app. App Wallet Balances

The number of cryptocurrencies is always increasing, and you can follow the official Telegram channel for updates when another token is listed.

However, you are only able to place market orders on the app, where the price that you buy cryptocurrencies at will already be determined by

You aren’t trading your cryptocurrencies in the form of an order book, which is what an exchange usually uses to match a buyer and seller.

If you are looking for a trading platform, you may want to consider the Exchange instead which is a separate platform from the App.

What are the different functions on the home screen of the App?

The home screen of the App allows you to view your favourite 4 cryptocurrencies which have the highest market cap, as well as being able to view the top gainers in the past 24 hours.

For the first section of the App, you are able to see your top 4 favourite cryptocurrencies. App Home Screen 1

This is done by selecting the ‘Star‘ symbol on each cryptocurrency’s page. App Select Favourite

However, you are only able to see your top 4 favourite cryptocurrencies. If you have more than 4 favourite cryptocurrencies, you will not be able to view all of them!

In the next section of the home screen, you will be able to see the top gainers within the past 24 hours. App Home Screen 2

This means that the cryptocurrencies that have the highest gains within the past 24 hours will be listed over here.

If the crypto market is experiencing a crash, there may be some cryptocurrencies with negative returns as seen in the picture above.

What is the percentage that is shown on the App?

The percentage shown on the App highlights the percentage change in your portfolio in the past 24 hours. App Percentage

Basically, this is an indicator of how your portfolio has done over the past 24 hours, based on the fluctuations of the price of each cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, you are unable to change this percentage to see your weekly or monthly changes to your portfolio.

Furthermore, what I noticed was that any deposits that I made to the App were also counted as an increase in my portfolio’s value. As such, this may not be a perfect representation of how well your crypto portfolio is doing!

What does the total balance mean on the App?

The App’s total balance is calculated based on the sum of your balances in your Crypto Wallet, the Exchange, Crypto Earn, Supercharger, Visa Card and your Fiat Wallet. Total Balance

Again, this may not really be a fair representation of your entire crypto portfolio, especially since it includes your fiat balance in your Visa card and Fiat wallet.

Furthermore, there aren’t any filters available for you to filter out certain balances from your total balance!

Can I buy Safemoon on the App?

Safemoon is currently not listed on the App, and you are unable to purchase it on this platform.

If you try to search for Safemoon on the App, you are unable to find it on the app. App Buy Safemoon

If you are looking to buy Safemoon, you can consider another platform such as

Can I buy NFTs on the App?

The App does not allow you to buy and store NFTs. If you want to do so, you will need to go to the NFT platform, which is separate from the app. has multiple platforms, and you will need to create a separate account for each platform.

However, has mentioned that they are trying to integrate all of the platforms together.

For now, you are unable to buy NFTs on the App itself, and you will need to use the NFT marketplace instead. NFT Marketplace

What does ‘Rate Expired’ mean on the App?

Before making each trade, will lock the exchange rate between 2 currencies for 15 seconds. If you confirm the transaction within this 15-second window, you will be able to buy the cryptocurrency at that specific rate. However, if you exceed this 15-second window, you will receive the ‘Rate Expired‘ message.

Whenever you are looking to buy a cryptocurrency, there will be a 15-second countdown at the top right-hand corner of the page. App Rate Expired Limit

During these 15 seconds, you will need to confirm the purchase, which will allow you to receive it at this particular rate.

However, once you exceed this 15 seconds, you can no longer buy the cryptocurrency at that price, and you will receive this message instead. App Rate Expired

As such, do try to confirm your transaction within this 15-second window!

How do I remove a credit card on the App?

To remove a credit card from the App, you will need to go to the ‘Credit Card‘ section when you are purchasing a cryptocurrency. Tap on the ‘Edit‘ button, and you are able to remove a credit card with the ‘minus‘ icon.

First, you’ll need to go to the buy page on any cryptocurrency, and then select the ‘Credit Card‘ tab.

After that, tap on the Edit button. App Credit Card Remove Edit

This will then allow you to remove any credit card by tapping on the minus icon. App Credit Card Remove

Are there any hidden fees on the App?

While App does not charge you any fees when exchanging between cryptocurrencies on the platform, you may incur some hidden fees due to the spread. The exchange rate at which you buy a cryptocurrency may be less favourable compared to the current market rate, and there is a difference in price when you buy and sell a cryptocurrency.

Here is a further explanation of the spread that you may encounter on the app.

When you buy a cryptocurrency, you may not be buying it at the market rate. For example, 1 BTC was currently at SGD $64,431.34 at this current time. Spread BTC SGD 1

However, when I wanted to buy BTC, the price of 1 BTC was increased to SGD $64,678. This meant that I would be paying an additional SGD $200 for each BTC that I bought. Spread BTC SGD 2

This may not be that significant when you are only buying a small amount of cryptocurrency. However, it can make quite a huge difference if you’re buying a large sum at this unfavourable rate!

The same can be said when you are trading between cryptocurrencies. Here is the market rate between 1 CRO and BTC (0.00001127466 BTC), Spread BTC CRO 1

and here is the rate that I was buying 1 CRO at from BTC (1 CRO = 0.00001132 BTC). Spread BTC CRO 2

Again, this will have a more significant difference if you are buying a huge amount of cryptocurrencies in this way.

There is a difference between the buying and selling prices

Similar to other platforms, there is a price difference when you are buying and selling cryptocurrencies on the App.

In this example, the market rate for 1 BTC is SGD $70,027.21.

BTC Market Rate App

When I wanted to buy some BTC, the rate that I would be charged is 1 BTC = SGD $70,309. App Buy BTC Rate

If I chose to sell my BTC to SGD, here was the rate. Sell BTC To SGD Rate

After back-calculating the rate, it was 1 BTC = SGD $68,482. This is a much lower rate compared to buying BTC from SGD!

Buy BTC1 BTC = SGD $70,309
Sell BTC1 BTC = SGD $68,482

This is similar to how money exchangers make money by profiting from the different rates when you are buying and selling currencies from them.

I hope this example shows you how it is not worth trading cryptocurrencies on the App. The spread is really high, and you will lose some of your profits if you continue to make multiple trades!

Can I place a limit or stop-loss order on the App?

You are unable to place any limit or stop-loss orders on the App. This is because you are buying your cryptocurrencies at the current market prices that are set on the App, and you are not trading them with another user.

Can I perform margin trading on the App?

You are unable to perform margin trading on the App. You can only do so on the Exchange, which is a separate platform from the App.

Margin trading is only available on the Exchange, and not the App!

Can I short sell on the App?

It is not possible to short sell on the App, as you can only place market orders on the app.

How do I sell my cryptocurrencies on the App?

To sell cryptocurrencies on the App, you will need to search for the cryptocurrency, and then select the ‘Sell’ button. You will be given 3 options to sell your cryptocurrency: Card Wallet, Crypto Wallet or Fiat Wallet. App Sell Currencies

After selecting ‘Sell’ on any cryptocurrency, here are the 3 options that you can use:

Crypto WalletTo another
Card WalletTo your
Visa Card
Fiat WalletTo StraitsX or a
fiat bank account

You may have noticed that you can’t sell your cryptocurrencies back to a credit card.

I would prefer to sell a cryptocurrency to the card wallet or fiat wallet, as this will convert my funds directly to a fiat currency.

Are there any fees for selling cryptocurrencies on the App?

There are no trading fees when you sell cryptocurrencies on the App. However, you may incur fees through the spread, where the exchange rate at which you sell a cryptocurrency will be less favourable compared to the rate that you bought the currency.

Similar to the examples above, it is just not worth it to be buying and selling cryptocurrencies via the App. Even though you don’t incur any fees, the high spreads may eat into any profits that you made!

What is the difference between the Fiat Wallet and Crypto Wallet on the App?

2 of the wallets that you have on the App include the Crypto Wallet and the Fiat Wallet. The Fiat wallet stores any fiat currencies that you have transferred to the App, while your Crypto Wallet holds all of the cryptocurrencies that you own on the App.

When you want to buy or sell a cryptocurrency on the App, you are given multiple ways to do so.

If you want to buy a cryptocurrency using the Crypto Wallet, this means that you’ll use an existing cryptocurrency that you have to make the purchase. Crypto Wallet

If you choose to buy the cryptocurrency with the Fiat wallet, you will be using a fiat currency that you have transferred to the App. App Fiat Wallet

The process is slightly different if you’re a Singaporean, where you will need to link your StraitsX account to first before you can purchase any cryptocurrencies with XSGD (the stablecoin version of SGD).

Is the App decentralised?

The App is not decentralised, as all of the assets that you have in the App are stored in a centralised wallet that is owned by This means that if’s wallets are hacked, your funds may be lost forever.

Will I able to have private keys on the App?

When you create a App account, you will not be given the private keys. Instead, the private keys are owned by and you will be placing your trust in the security of when you leave your assets in the App.

You may have heard the saying ‘not your keys, not your crypto‘. When you are storing your assets with the App, they are under the custody of, and you do not have full control over them.

If you would like to store your assets in a decentralised wallet, you can consider using the DeFi wallet instead.

Is the App safe? has invested heavily in security to ensure that its system is not hacked easily. Features such as multi-factor authentication and email verification have been included to ensure the safety of your funds in their custody.

While you may be wary of placing your assets on a centralised exchange such as However, they have multiple certifications for their platform. Security Certifications

This does not guarantee that’s platform cannot be hacked. However, has insurance of up to USD 750 million for assets stored on their platform, in the event that they are hacked. Insurance

With these security features, it is worth considering leaving your funds in the App if you don’t want the hassle of setting up a decentralised wallet.

What are the withdrawal fees for USDC on the App?

Here are the withdrawal fees for USDC from the App, depending on which network you choose to withdraw USDC on:

Withdrawal Fee
Avalanche1 USDC
Arbitrum1 USDC
Smart Chain
Cronos0.8 USDC
Polygon1 USDC
Solana1 USDC

To view these fees, you will need to select the gear icon on the App homepage, App Select Settings

and scroll all the way down to view ‘Fees & Limits‘. App Fees and Limits

After selecting ‘Withdraw Crypto‘ as the fees you wish to view, you can scroll down to USDC which brings you this fee table. App USDC Withdrawal Fees

If you withdraw USDC via the ERC20 network, the fees will be the highest. This is because the ERC20 network is congested, and the transfer fees are really high!

To save on transfer fees, you can use the Cronos network which has the lowest fees charged. However, you will need to send your USDC to a wallet that supports Cronos deposits.

The process of finding the withdrawal fees on the App will be similar for any other currency as well. For example, supports both the BEP2 and BEP20 networks for BNB deposits and withdrawals.

You can find out the differences between the CRO, ERC20 and Cronos networks.


The App is an intuitive platform that allows you to perform multiple functions and interact with the various parts of the CRO ecosystem.

However, you may want to use another platform to trade cryptocurrencies. This is because there are high spreads on the App, and you will incur quite a lot of fees from this!

Nevertheless, it is still one of the fastest ways to sell your cryptocurrencies to a fiat currency, especially in Singapore.

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