Editorial Guidelines

This site was founded on the vision of making personal finance accessible for everyone. This will be my guiding principle for all posts that I publish on this site.

My sole purpose is to help you understand the concepts of personal finance well, so that you can make informed decisions when managing your finances.

I aim to provide unbiased views on any product that I promote on my website as well.


Any information that is on this website does not constitute as financial advice, as I am not a licensed financial advisor. All articles are based on my own experiences with personal finance.

I strongly advise you to read up more on any concept or product that I talk about on this site.

Alternatively, you can contact me to clarify any doubts that you have.

Blog Content

I aim to provide accurate, unbiased and up-to-date information on this website.

If I have written something inaccurate, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will rectify the information accordingly.

Blog Maintenance

To maintain the sustainability of this website, I may partner with companies from time to time.

I do intend to earn a profit from this website as well in the future.

The 2 main forms of remuneration that I may receive is in the form of commissions and sponsored posts.

Despite the remuneration I receive, I have some guiding principles when writing such articles:

  1. I must see a value in the product being offered, and I must believe that it will bring value to my readers
  2. I must thoroughly research on the product to ensure that I understand all of the product’s offerings
  3. I must not be swayed by the remuneration and continue to provide an unbiased view on the product

Affiliate Partners

To continue running this website, some products that I reviewed may contain affiliate links.

I will inform you of any affiliate links that I have at the start of that article.

These links may contain codes that signal to the retailer that I have referred you to their site. Should you choose to purchase the product, I may receive a commission on the sale.

These affiliate links will have no added cost to you.

Some companies may sponsor an article that I write on this site.

Any sponsored content will be under the category, “Sponsored“. You can see all my sponsored posts here.

I will include a disclaimer for each sponsored post in at the start of the article as well.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me.