Referral Link (App)

Referral code: x2kfzusxq6

Rewards: $25 USD worth of CRO when you sign up for a Ruby Steel card

Referral Link (Exchange)

Rewards: $10 – $50 USD worth of CRO (depending on how much CRO you stake)

Description provides a whole range of features that allow you to trade crypto and earn interest on your crypto too.

There are no trading fees when you trade on the app. However, the spread is rather high, as the exchange rate is less favourable than the prevailing market rates. also offers Crypto Earn, where you can earn interest on your cryptocurrencies.

However, you will need to lock up your funds in the wallet for a specific time to earn a higher interest!

This makes it less flexible compared to other options like Celsius, BlockFi and Nexo. Referral (Get $25 USD worth of CRO)

If you are interested in signing up for, you can use my referral link. We will both receive $25 USD worth of CRO in our Crypto Wallet. Referral

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Sign up for a account
  2. Enter my referral code: ‘x2kfzusxq6
  3. Sign up for a MCO Ruby Card by staking 5,000 CRO

You can read more about the referral program on’s website. Exchange Referral (Earn $10 USD- $50 USD in CRO)

If you are interested in creating a Exchange account, you can use my referral link.

Depending on the amount of CRO you stake on the Exchange, you are able to earn between USD $10 to USD $50! Exchange Referral

Here are the amounts that you’ll need to stake to receive the bonuses:

Amount of
CRO Staked
Referral Bonus
You Receive
1,000 – 4,999 CRO$10
≥ 5,000 CRO$50

If you’ve already signed up for the app, you can still sign up for this bonus! This is because the App and Exchange are 2 different platforms.

You can read more about this referral program on’s website.