Here are some of the tools that I’ve used on my journey to financial independence, as well as other products that I’ve reviewed.

They are consolidated here for your easy reference!

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Robo-advisors are the latest way to help you automate your investments. There are many robo-advisors in Singapore, and here are some of them that offer something unique.


There are many brokers that give you access to trading. Here are some of them that provide competitive fees, along with other features.

Crypto Exchanges

Are you looking to buy cryptocurrencies from Singapore? H

ere are some platforms that you can consider:

Crypto Wallets

After buying some crypto, why not earn some interest on your assets?

The interest rates that you earn can be much higher than traditional banks too!

Credit cards

Credit cards are the best way for you to be rewarded while you make any transactions. If possible, you should try to use them instead of cash, since you’ll be missing out on quite a few rewards!

Investment Tools

When you start your investing journey, there are many things that you’ll need to keep track of! Here are some tools that may be useful for you:


Insurance is an important part of our wealth protection plans. Here are some products that I’ve reviewed:

Debit Cards

These are some cards that I use to earn some rewards while spending:


Surveys can be a great way to earn money on the go. Here are some survey platforms that I use:

Personal Finance

These tools help me to make my personal finance journey much easier! This can range from mobile wallets to digital solutions that help you to get some cashback.