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How To Perform A Transfer Of Ownership For Your Mobile Number

Transfer Ownership Of Mobile Number

Last updated on August 8th, 2021

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Your parents may have bought your SIM phone plan for you when you were younger.

Now that you’ve started working, you may want to transfer the ownership of the phone number to be under your name. This is because some telcos need the number to be under your NRIC before you can do the porting in.

However, the telco that you’re under may charge you a fee for doing this transfer of ownership!

I was in the same situation, until I found out that Circles Life allows you to transfer the ownership of your number for free!

You are able to use this service for free when you port in your number from another telco into Circles Life.

Here is a guide of which telcos allow you to transfer the ownership of your number, as well as my experience of doing it with Circles Life.

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