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Endowus is a robo-advisory platform that allows you to invest your Cash, SRS and CPF.

They offer low-cost access to mutual funds that may not even be available if you’re a retail investor.

Moreover, since the funds used domiciled in Ireland, your dividend withholding and estate taxes are greatly reduced.

Their funds are all accumulating share classes too, which helps you to automatically reinvest your dividends too.

Endowus has led the way in coming up with specialised portfolios, such as Fund Smart and Cash Smart.

Overall, it is one of the cheapest robo-advisors that are available in Singapore.

Endowus Referral (Receive a $20 Access Fee Credit + up to $500 worth of rewards)

If you are interested in signing up for Endowus, you can use my referral link to create your account.

Endowus Referral

You will receive a $20 access fee credit, regardless of the amount that you start investing with Endowus.

The access fee does not have any expiry date. As such, you can invest at any pace that you wish, and still get $20 off your fees!

Current Promotion: Up to $500 worth of rewards

From now till 31 July 2021, Endowus is offering up to $500 worth of units of the LionGlobal All Seasons Fund (Growth).

This depends on the amount that you’ve invested in any of Endowus’ General Investing or Cash Smart portfolios:

Amount InvestedReward
First $10k$100
Every subsequent $5kAdditional $50

You can receive up to $500 of units for your first $50,000 invested.

Here are some investments that will not count to this promotion:

  1. Investing in the ESG portfolio
  2. Investing in the Fund Smart customised portfolio

You can sell or withdraw these units after a minimum holding period of 90 days. You may want to take note that you’ll need to pay access fees for these units as well!

You can find out more about this promotion on Endowus’ website.