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Reward for you: ($10 USD worth of BTC when you trade
≥ USD $100 or equivalent on Gemini’s platform)


Gemini is an easy way to purchase crypto from Singapore, as it has Xfers support.

You are not charged any fees when you’re withdrawing or depositing from your Xfers account!

When you are trading with the normal Gemini Exchange, the fees can be quite hefty at 1.49%.

However, if you switch to the Active Trader platform, the fees will be greatly reduced to 0.35%!

This is still more expensive compared to Luno’s Exchange which only charges 0.10% per trade.

You are able to switch to the trading platform without paying any fees. This platform is similar to any brokerage platforms, except that now you’re trading cryptocurrency on it.

Gemini also offers you up to 10 free withdrawals per month. This is very useful if you are intending to buy rarer currencies that do not have a trading pair with SGD.

This is great as you can send your currencies to another exchange like Binance or Huobi, without incurring any charges!