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Referral Code: T5N74J

Reward: $5 SGD in Bitcoin when you use Instant Buy for ≥ $100 SGD of BTC


Luno is a crypto exchange that is based in London, but operating in Singapore.

It has one of the cheapest trading fees on their Exchange platform, with 0.1% for any buy or sell orders! Funding your account can be easily done by Xfers as well.

However, the fees for Instant Buy are at 1%.

You can use Luno’s Savings Wallet if you intend to buy and hold your crypto. This will help you to earn a high interest rate for lending your crypto.

Moreover, it is more flexible compared to’s Earn feature as your funds are not locked up!

The only main limitation is that you can only trade 6 currencies on the platform.

Here are its main features:

  1. 6 currencies
  2. Trading fees can be 0.1% or lower (depending on your 30-day trade volume)
  3. No deposit or withdrawal fees when you do so from Xfers
  4. Bitcoin Savings Wallet (up to 4% p.a.)

Luno Referral (Earn SGD $30 in Bitcoin)

If you are interested in signing up for a Luno account, you can use the referral code ‘T5N74J‘ or my referral link to sign up for an account.

You’ll be able to earn SGD $30 worth in Bitcoin!

Luno Referral

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for a Luno Account
  2. Deposit and buy ≥ SGD $200 of BTC via Instant Buy
  3. Receive SGD $30 in Bitcoin

You will need to purchase BTC using the Instant Buy function. The fees that you incur will be 0.75%.

It would be best to buy only $200 SGD worth of BTC, which only incurs you a $1.50 fee. The $30 SGD bonus will be able to offset the fee!