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Referral: requires me to refer you to Saxo directly, instead of you clicking a link

Rewards for you: $100-$250 in cash (depending on the amount that you deposit into your account)

Saxo Referral (Earn $100-$250 in cash)

If you are interested in creating a Saxo trading account, you can take part in the referral program.

Here’s are the rewards that you can receive from this program:

Fund ≥ SGD $3,000 and
make ≥ 3 qualifying trades
SGD $100
Fund ≥ SGD $100,000 and
make ≥ 3 qualifying trades
SGD $250

The 3 qualifying trades that you need to make have to be on margin products, such as:

  1. CFDs
  2. FX
  3. Futures / Forwards
  4. Options

The process is quite different from other referral programmes, so you can contact me for the next steps for the referral!

You can find out more about the referral program on Saxo’s website.


Saxo is one of the leading brokers that allows you to trade in international markets from Singapore. It offers a variety of markets at affordable commissions, including:

  1. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  2. London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  3. Singapore Exchange (SGX)
  4. Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX)
  5. Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

However, the platform has some disadvantages, such as:

  1. Foreign currency exchange fee (0.75%)
  2. Custody fee (0.12% per annum)

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