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3 Steps To Invest In The S&P 500 With Tiger Brokers

How To Buy SP500 Tiger Brokers

If you’re looking to buy the S&P 500 on Tiger Brokers, you will need to buy an ETF that tracks this index.

Here’s a guide on how you can do so.

How to invest in the S&P 500 with Tiger Brokers

Here are 3 steps to use Tiger Brokers to invest in the S&P 500:

  1. Decide which S&P 500 ETF you would like to use
  2. Convert your SGD to USD
  3. Purchase the S&P 500 ETF using USD

And here is each step explained further:

Decide which S&P 500 ETF you would like to use

The first step you’ll need to do is to decide on the S&P 500 ETF that you would like to buy.

Tiger Brokers provides you access to the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and the US markets (NYSE and NASDAQ), so here are the different S&P 500 ETFs that you can buy:

TickerExchangeFund ManagerExpense Ratio

You aren’t able to buy ETFs that are listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), so you can’t buy ETFs such as CSPX or VUSD.

In terms of performance, all of these ETFs should give you the same returns since they track the same index. As such, the ETF that you ultimately choose may depend on:

  1. The expense ratio that you’ll incur
  2. The average trading volume of the ETF (if you intend to trade the ETF regularly)

Convert your SGD to USD

The next step will be to fund your Tiger Account with SGD, and then convert it to USD.

Tiger Brokers Currency Exchange

You can view my guide on exchanging currency on Tiger Brokers to find out more.

One thing you may want to note is that even though the S27 ETF is listed on the SGX, you will still need to use USD to purchase this ETF!

Purchase the S&P 500 ETF using USD

Once you have USD in your Tiger Account, you can now buy the S&P 500 ETF of your choice. You can go to the Search icon in your Tiger Brokers app,

Tiger Brokers Search

and then search for some of the S&P 500 ETFs including VOO,

Tiger Broker Search VOO

and S27.

Tiger Broker Search S27

After selecting the ETF, you can go to the ‘Trade‘ button,

Tiger Broker Trade VOO

and then select ‘Buy‘.

Tiger Broker VOO Select Buy

This will bring you to the transaction page, where you can enter:

  1. The price that you want to buy the ETF
  2. The number of units to buy the ETF
Tiger Broker VOO Transaction

The minimum number of units for ETFs on the US stock exchanges is 1, so you’ll roughly need about $400 USD to purchase 1 unit of the ETF.

After you have placed the order, it will be filled if someone is willing to sell the S&P 500 ETF at that price.

What are the fees for trading US stocks on Tiger Brokers?

Here are the fees that Tiger Brokers charges for US stocks and ETFs:

Trading Fee0.01 USD / Share
Min 1.99 USD / Order
Currency Conversion FeesNone
Dividend Handling FeesNone
Custodian FeesNone
Inactivity FeesNone

The fees for Tiger Brokers is pretty reasonable at a minimum of USD $1.99 per order that you make.

However, you may want to take note of the dividend withholding tax, as well as the estate tax that you will incur when trading US stocks!

The S&P 500 ETFs will issue a dividend every quarter, and you can check out my guide to find out how your dividends will be issued on Tiger Brokers.


If you are looking to buy the S&P 500, you will need to choose an ETF that tracks this index.

Tiger Brokers does not provide you with access to the London Stock Exchange, so you are only able to buy the S&P 500 ETFs from the SGX or US stock markets.

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On top of that, you will receive 5 commission-free trades for futures within 30 days.

You will still need to pay the commission first. The commission should be refunded to you on the next working day.

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If you fund at least $2,000 SGD into your Tiger Brokers account for your very first deposit, you will receive a free Apple (AAPL) share.

The shares will be added into your account within 10 working days.

On top of that, you will receive a stock voucher (SGD5) for SGX stocks only.

You can view the terms and conditions of this promotion on Tiger Brokers’ website.

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