Crypto’s BG25 Referral Program Explained

Crypto.coms BG25 Referral Programme Explained

If you are looking to sign up for a account, you may have come across the BG25 Referral Program, which gives you $25 USD worth of CRO, depending on the amount of CRO you stake.

Here’s a further explanation of how this referral program works.

What is the BG25 Referral Program?’s BG25 Referral Program provides you with $25 USD worth of CRO, if you stake enough CRO for a Ruby Steel Visa card or higher. This bonus CRO will be unlocked once you stake an equivalent amount of CRO, and it can be sold immediately.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to sign up for an account using your friend’s referral code.

If you do not have one, you can use my referral link and enter the code ‘x2kfzusxq6‘.

Once you have signed up for a account, you will be asked to stake a certain amount of CRO, depending on your native currency:

CountryEquivalent Amount of CRO
Singapore$500 SGD
Australia$500 AUD
Canada$500 CAD
Europe350 EUR / 300 GBP

The amount of CRO that you stake will depend on the current price at the time that you are staking that CRO. The price of CRO is always fluctuating, so the value of your CRO stake in terms of fiat currency may be higher or lower than your initial investment.

Where can I find my referral code?

To find your referral code, you can go to the ‘Refer‘ section under the app menu, and you can copy your referral code from there.

A more convenient way of obtaining your referral code would be through the ‘Refer’ ribbon that is on the bottom right-hand corner of the app homepage. Refer Button

Alternatively, you can go to the ‘Refer’ section under the app menu. Refer Menu Option

Either way, it will bring you to the referral page, where you can copy your referral code and send it to your friends.

How do I unlock my sign-up bonus on

To unlock your sign-up bonus on, you will need to stake enough CRO on the App to unlock a Ruby Steel Visa Card or higher.

After you have signed up for a account with your friend’s referral link, you may notice that your sign-up bonus is locked.

To unlock this sign-up bonus, you will need to stake enough CRO for a Ruby Steel card. Unlock Sign Up Bonus

The bonus that I received was in MCO, and not CRO, which was the previous native token for

How do I sell the CRO that I earned as a sign-up bonus?

To sell the CRO that you have earned as a sign-up bonus, you can sell it for another cryptocurrency, or for a fiat currency. However, if you sell it directly on the app, you will be subject to a large spread.

Once you have unlocked your CRO bonus, it is possible to sell it to another cryptocurrency, Sell CRO

or to a fiat currency (like SGD on StraitsX). Sell CRO Fiat

The spreads when selling directly from the App is usually quite bad, so you may lose some of your funds along the way. This is similar to how the FTX App has a poor spread as well.

As such, you may want to transfer the funds to your Exchange account instead, and sell it for another cryptocurrency.

Alternatively, if you are looking to just buy and hold CRO, you can choose to leave it in the Supercharger or Earn, where you can earn different cryptocurrencies by depositing your idle CRO funds.


The BG25 referral programme allows you to earn bonus CRO once you have staked enough CRO for a Ruby Steel Visa card or higher.

Once you have staked the required amount of CRO, you are free to do whatever you want with this bonus CRO.

However, the staked CRO will be locked up for 180 days before you can withdraw it!

If you’re looking to generate tax reports for your crypto trades, you can consider using Koinly, which allows you to track your transactions from 350+ exchanges and 50+ crypto wallets.

👉🏻 Referral Deals

If you are interested in signing up for any of the products mentioned above, you can check them out below! Referral (Get up to $25 USD worth of CRO)

If you are interested in signing up for, you can use my referral link and enter the code ‘x2kfzusxq6‘.

We will both receive $25 USD worth of CRO in our Crypto Wallet. Referral

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Sign up for a account
  2. Enter my referral code: ‘x2kfzusxq6
  3. Stake enough CRO to unlock a Ruby Steel card or higher

The amount of CRO that you need to stake depends on the card you wish to get, and the currency you are staking in.

You can read more about the referral program on’s website.

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