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DBS Live Fresh vs OCBC 365 – What’s The Difference?

DBS Live Fresh vs OCBC 365

Last updated on March 7th, 2022

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There are quite a few cashback credit cards that you can use, including DBS Live Fresh and OCBC 365.

However, both of them have different types of cashback and minimum spend, so they may cater to your different needs!

The difference between DBS Live Fresh and OCBC 365

DBS Live Fresh offers a higher potential cashback (up to 10%) for merchants under the Sustainable Spend category, while OCBC 365 offers the highest cashback of 6% for the dining category. DBS Live Fresh offers a lower minimum spend to achieve the cashback, but the maximum cashback you can earn per month is lower compared to OCBC 365.

Here is a further comparison between these 2 cards:

Cashback and limits

Here are the different categories that you can earn cashback on for either card:

DBS Live FreshOCBC 365
Contactless SpendingDining + online
food delivery
Online SpendingFuel spending
Sustainable SpendingGroceries / Land transport /
Online travel spending /
Recurring electricity and
telco bills

OCBC 365 offers different amounts of cashback, depending on the spending category:

6%Dining + online
food delivery
5%Fuel spending
Land transport (taxi / private hire)
Online travel spending
Recurring electricity
and telco bills
0.3%All other spending

You will be able to receive high cashback for dining and fuel spending.

For the land transport category, you will be able to earn a 3% cashback using OCBC 365.

OCBC 365 SimplyGo Can

What’s advantageous is the 3% on recurring telco (e.g. Circles Life) and electricity bills, where you can earn cashback for these purchases.

DBS Live Fresh has multiple ways of earning cashback

Meanwhile, DBS Live Fresh allows you to earn cashback in 2 broad categories:

  • Visa contactless spend
  • Online spending

You will receive 5% cashback for either of these spending, which is higher than OCBC 365 for groceries.

The DBS Live Fresh card has a rather long list of exclusions for their online spend, which can be found in Clause 6 of their Terms and Conditions.

What’s more, DBS Live Fresh boasts an additional 5% cashback for purchases on eco-eateries, retailers, and transport services.

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Source: DBS

This means that if you use your DBS Live Fresh card to purchase online or contactless on any of the listed eco-businesses, you can get up to 10% cashback in total!

The amount of cashback that you earn for MRT and bus rides is greater for DBS Live Fresh (10%) compared to OCBC 365 (3%).

To use either credit card for MRT and bus rides, you will need to add them to your SimplyGo account first. Moreover, you are able to add these cards to Apple Pay, so that you can use them for public transport too.

Cap on cashback

DBS and OCBC have different caps on the monthly cashback that you can receive:

DBS Live FreshOCBC 365
Maximum Monthly

The possible cashback that you can earn for OCBC is capped at a total of $80 per month.

Meanwhile, there is a cap to how much cashback you can earn per month for each category for DBS Live Fresh:

CategoryMaximum Cashback
5% Sustainable Spending$15
5% Online$20
5% Contactless$20
0.3% Cashback$20

Minimum spend

Here are the minimum spending required to hit the bonus cashback:

DBS Live FreshOCBC 365

If you spend between $600 and less than $800, it may be better to get the DBS Live Fresh card instead.

You will only receive 0.3% cashback with both cards if you don’t meet the minimum spending criteria!


Both cards have the same eligibility criteria:

Age21 years old
Minimum Annual
Income (Singaporeans)
Minimum Annual
Income (Foreign Nationals)

Other rewards

You can enjoy different benefits and privileges with both DBS Live Fresh and OCBC 365:

DBS Live FreshOCBC 365
Buy Now, Pay Later plansDiscounted prices on OCBC HealthPass
Frequent competitionsVisa concierge services
Complimentary upgrades at luxury hotels


Here are the fees and other charges for both credit cards:

DBS Live FreshOCBC 365
card fee
card fee
Annual fee
1 year2 years
Minimum monthly
$50 or 3% of the Total Balance,
including anny overdue payment
$50 or 3% of the Total Balance
plus any overdue amount
Late payment
Finance charges
on cash advance
An interest rate of 28.92% per yearAn interest rate of 28.92% per year
card liability
Cash advance fee$15 or 8% of the amount withdrawn$15 or 8% of the amount withdrawn

The fees for both cards are rather similar.

The main difference lies in the annual fee waiver, where OCBC 365 offers a longer annual fee waiver (2 years) compared to DBS Live Fresh (1 year).

Final Verdict 

Here is a summary of the comparison between these 2 cards:

DBS Live FreshOCBC 365
Dining + online
food delivery
5% – 10% (depending
on sustainable spend)
Fuel spending5%5%
SimplyGo10% (with 5% sustainable spend)3%
Minimum spend
Cashback limit$75 ($60 on online and contactless
spendings + $15 on green spending)
Other rewards
and privileges
Buy now, pay later
installment plan
Discounted prices
on OCBC HealthPass
Visa concierge services
Annual Fee$192.50/year$192.60/year
Annual Fee waiver1 year2 years

Both of these credit cards will be beneficial, depending on your spending patterns:

Choose DBS Live Fresh for a potential 10% cashback

DBS Live Fresh offers the better choice as you can earn up to 10% cashback if your purchases are eligible under the sustainable spending category.

This is especially for SimplyGo transactions where you can earn 10% cashback, which is higher than both OCBC 365 and Citi SMRT cards.

However, the caps on the cashback are slightly more restrictive, where each category has its own cap.

The annual fee waiver is shorter compared to OCBC 365, so you may want to take note of that too!

Choose OCBC 365 for a higher cashback cap and dining cashback

If you dine out rather often, and are not eating at places eligible for the bonus sustainable cashback, you can earn a higher cashback (6%) compared to DBS Live Fresh.

Even though the minimum spend is higher for OCBC 365 ($800), you will be able to earn a higher maximum cashback from the card ($80).

If you are a big spender (particularly in those categories with bonus cashback), the OCBC 365 card may be a better option for you!

Choose an alternative card if you can’t hit the minimum spend requirement

The spending requirement for both cards are rather high ($600 and $800).

If you can’t hit these amounts, you may want to consider a credit card that does not have any minimum spend, such as the Amex True Cashback or UOB Absolute Cashback.

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