What Are The Cheapest Ways To Send ETH To Your Trust Wallet?

Cheapest Way To Send ETH To Trust Wallet
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If you’re looking to transfer ETH to your Trust Wallet, you may have noticed that the ERC20 transaction fees are really high!

Here are some of the methods you can consider to reduce the transaction fees when transferring ETH.

What are the cheapest ways to send ETH to Trust Wallet?

The cheapest ways to send ETH to your Trust Wallet would be either via Gemini or the FTX App. This is because both of these platforms do not charge any withdrawal fees for ERC20 withdrawals.

Here are the fees being charged by the different exchange platforms to withdraw ETH using the ERC20 network:

PlatformETH (ERC20)
Withdrawal Fees
GeminiFree for first 10
withdrawals per month
(0.001 ETH thereafter)
FTX AppFree
Bitfinex0.002394 ETH
Kraken0.0035 ETH
Huobi0.004 ETH
Crypto.com0.005 ETH
Binance0.005 ETH
AAX0.005 ETH
KuCoin0.006 ETH
Gate.io0.011 ETH
on congestion
FTX ProDepends
on congestion

From this table, there are 2 methods that you can use to send ETH without incurring any transaction fees: Gemini and the FTX App.

For Coinbase and FTX Pro, the withdrawal fee is dependent on the network congestion, which may result in rather high fees.

Here are the 2 ‘free’ methods explained more in-depth:

Gemini is the cheapest method (free 10 withdrawals every month)

Gemini allows you to make 10 cryptocurrency withdrawals for free each month, which is especially useful if you are intending to withdraw ERC20 tokens like ETH.

Gemini Free Withdrawals

This is because the withdrawal fees on the ERC20 network are usually very high.

Once you have exceeded the 10 free withdrawals, the fee that you’ll need to pay is 0.001 ETH, which is still cheaper than most platforms!

I would recommend using the Gemini Active Trader platform to buy cryptocurrencies, as the fees are much lower (up to 0.35%) compared to buying them on the Gemini Exchange.

Gemini Active Trader Platform

Moreover, you can purchase ETH using a fiat currency or any other cryptocurrency on the platform.

After purchasing ETH, you can withdraw it to your Trust Wallet at no fees.

FTX App has free withdrawals too

The FTX App (formerly Blockfolio) is another platform that does not charge any fees for withdrawing ETH via the ERC20 network.

FTX App Send ETH

It is another great platform for you to reduce the fees that you incur when withdrawing ETH.

However, you may want to note that the FTX App is different from the FTX Pro trading platform!

If you purchase your cryptocurrencies directly from the FTX App, the spreads can be rather high. Instead, what I prefer to do is to buy ETH on the FTX Pro platform first (e.g. buying ETH from USD).


FTX has one of the cheapest trading fees, up to 0.07%.

After that, I will withdraw ETH from the FTX Pro platform to the FTX App via the Solana network (SPL).

FTX ETH Withdrawal Using SOL Network

This is because FTX Pro does not charge any withdrawal fees, except for ERC20 withdrawals.

Once I have received ETH on the FTX App, I can then withdraw it to my Trust Wallet via the ERC20 network at no fees!

Purchasing ETH directly from Trust Wallet is quite costly

If you are worried about the ERC20 withdrawal fees when you are withdrawing ETH to Trust Wallet, you may consider buying ETH directly from Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet Buy ETH Directly

Trust Wallet will redirect you to buy ETH on 3rd-party payment providers, such as Mercuryo and MoonPay.

Trust Wallet Payment Providers

However, you will be using a credit / debit card to purchase these cryptocurrencies, which can make your purchases rather costly!

Trust Wallet Buy ETH Fees

To reduce the fees, it would be best to purchase ETH at an exchange, before sending it to Trust Wallet via the ERC20 network.

You can consider using other networks apart from ERC20

If you find that the gas fees on the ERC20 network are too high, you may want to consider using another network instead.

There are quite a few different blockchain networks, each with its own collection of decentralised apps (dApps), including:

  1. Binance Smart Chain
  2. Polygon Network
  3. Fantom Network
  4. Avalanche Network
  5. Solana

The ERC20 and BEP20 deposit addresses are actually the same, and here is an explanation as to why this is so.

Some of these networks have much cheaper transaction fees compared to ERC20, hence it will help to greatly reduce some of your costs!

It is also possible for you to send ETH using other networks to your Trust Wallet, such as via the BEP20 network.

Trust Wallet Send ETH Types

However, you may want to note that you can’t use the BEP20 version of ETH to pay for gas fees on the ERC20 network!


If you are looking to transfer ETH to your Trust Wallet, the 2 best ways to do so would be either via Gemini or the FTX App.

This is similar to how you would transfer ETH to your Metamask wallet.

For the other methods, the fees can be rather costly, so it’s best not to use them unless you’re transferring a large sum of ETH!

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