3 Steps To Add THOR To Your Metamask Wallet

Add THOR To Metamask

THOR is a platform that aggregates returns from DeFi protocols across many chains to allocate its rewards.

You may want to use the Thor DeFi platform that is on the Avalanche network, and you are looking to add the native THOR token to your Metamask wallet.

However, you will need to import THOR as a custom token.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to add THOR to Metamask

Here are 3 steps to add THOR to Metamask:

  1. Go to Metamask and ensure that you are using the Avalanche Network
  2. Select ‘Import Tokens’, and then ‘Import Custom Token’
  3. Confirm the addition of THOR to your Metamask wallet

And here is each step explained:

Go to Metamask and ensure that you are using the Avalanche Network

The first thing you’ll need to do is to ensure that you are using the Avalanche Network on Metamask.

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If you have not set up the Avalanche Network on your Metamask wallet, you can check out this step-by-step guide here.

Select ‘Import Tokens’, and then ‘Import Custom Token’

Once you’re on the Avalanche Network, the next step will be to select ‘Import Tokens‘.

xgPlQI3i91Y j5bvipJ L2SELwRXBTHZ6dcpyGGzaPwbioArBjPTLA3kbLLyUUt gYkrgRQBiSwQVZK5iLr8cOHKQE My9mDQ0TDRA Ghf552nPrg1O48RYHl5sJIv1orqVx qFk

On the ‘Search‘ tab, you can search and select THOR as the token that you wish to import.

ltQfNtn43c0UJXcWSSTuUkBISA6sEPnG1sVDOliNmzsyi PxN3H 89b1i69OdeHfqFwgHQTa8 YZ9 0O7wMh6Ff UBWnjsBoYMVLnU DAL nBeM3BmB2uTJqmkE kNuSXZV3NmY

Alternatively, you can go to the ‘Custom Token‘ section.

After copying the Avalance C-Chain contract from CoinMarketCap,

tuK2BvbWKNlKvHUJJxBM z8g9gjSLWCNDmgIN1D5GFe 775u6iqqtFfVY1CmqTvhh1rgbKYDzjcvoJ WUtxNFkzdaO NvZ9KVjilk4epCMKgUcFhJukVHQahc3Mb8RQv58DVUjeQ

you can paste it in the ‘Token Contract Address‘ field in Metamask.

If you pasted the correct contract address, THOR should automatically appear as the Token Symbol.

Confirm the addition of THOR to your Metamask wallet

The last step you will need to do is to confirm importing THOR one more time.

fb9FvHL kxT9 Xl58j80Lr6MlqirV1eZ6VS2FhY3aL9NSkM6 FlRV2gZqzmHpK1sYOn1YSwns2aml UfCxUfm2isgSItacn 6gu7 c95zXQPa9cqZqVvzhfQA3 n120W0lC pM20

Once you’ve successfully imported THOR to your Metamask wallet, you should see it as one of your assets under the Avalanche C-Chain Mainnet.

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THOR is a native token of the Avalanche Network, hence you can deposit THOR to your Metamask wallet via this network.

This process is similar to how you would import JOE, TIME or MEMO to your Metamask wallet.

After adding and receiving your tokens to your Metamask wallet, you can consider using decentralised exchange (DEX) aggregators, including:

Since both platforms are DeFi aggregators, they will ensure that you will get the best rates for any swaps that you make!

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