How To Get A STEPN Activation Code (Without Code Generators)

STEPN Activation Code

Last updated on April 27th, 2022

If you are looking to register for a STEPN account, one of the things you will need to enter is an activation code.

STEPN Activation Code Screen

Here’s a guide on how you can get one of these codes in the proper way:

How to get a STEPN activation code

You will need to click on the link that is found on STEPN’s official Telegram and Discord channel, and verify your identity via a CAPTCHA. If you are one of the first 1,000 people to do so, you will be able to obtain an activation code. Otherwise, the codes will reset every 24 hours at 13:00 UTC.

You can watch the video below to find out more,

or read on to view a text guide:

Go to STEPN’s Telegram or Discord channel

You can go to either STEPN’s Telegram or Discord channel to obtain an activation code.

On Telegram, I would suggest tapping on the ‘Pinned Messages‘ tab to find a message by one of the moderators that has a link similar to this:

STEPN Activation Code Telegram

Alternatively, on Discord, you can go to the ‘activation codes‘ channel,

STEPN Activation Code Discord 1

and obtain the link here.

STEPN Activation Code Discord 2

STEPN currently only gives away 1,000 activation codes per day on both Telegram and Discord. The codes will reset at 13:00 UTC everyday, which gives you an opportunity to try again if you are unable to get a code.

I would suggest that you obtain your code at this exact timing, as the demand for the project is quite high.

Verifying via CAPTCHA

Once you have clicked on either link, you will need to verify your identity by completing a CAPTCHA.

STEPN Code Captcha

If you are one of the first 1,000 users to have completed the CAPTCHA, you will be able to obtain your activation code.

STEPN Activation Code Obtained

However, you may encounter this screen instead which tells you that there are no more activation codes left.

STEPN No Activation Code

Interestingly, I was able to get my activation code after a few tries, despite the first few telling me that there aren’t any codes left (as seen in the video above).

I would suggest that you can try to complete the CAPTCHA a few times to see if you have any luck. If not, you will need to wait until the next day to try again.

Another possible way is to go on the ‘activation code sharing‘ channel on Discord.

Activation Code Sharing Discord STEPN

On this channel, there may be some users who have extra activation codes to share, and you can use those if they haven’t been used by another user.

Activation Code Sharing Discord STEPN 2

This can be quite competitive as there are many people in the Discord channel too, and they are all looking for a code.

Moreover, typing “/code” on Discord will not work! You will need to click on the link to get the code.

Here are some other ways that you can get your hands on an activation code too:

If you are still unable to get an activation code, you can consider signing up for a Sweatcoin account, where you can walk and earn SWEAT tokens.

Pasting your activation code

Once you have an activation code, you can paste it into the field and create your STEPN account.

STEPN Account Created

Some warnings regarding the activation code

The activation codes are free to obtain from STEPN’s website, and I would strongly discourage you to buy a code from anyone who tries to sell you one.

STEPN Selling Activation Code Wrong

This may result in a scam, so I would exercise caution if anyone approaches you.

Moreover, I would be cautious to use a code generator that some people may have developed.

You will need to create a STEPN wallet and buy a sneaker

Obtaining an activation code is just the first step, and you will need a few more things to start earning with STEPN:

  • Create or import a Solana wallet on STEPN
  • Buy a sneaker on the Marketplace

If you do not have a sneaker, you will be unable to earn any tokens even if you started walking!

STEPN Need Sneaker To Earn

Currently, the only way to get a sneaker is to buy it in the marketplace.

STEPN Sneaker Marketplace

Each sneaker costs around 9 SOL, and you will need to transfer SOL to your Solana wallet linked to your STEPN account.

You can check out my guide here on how to buy a sneaker on STEPN.


Since STEPN has a 1,000 user per day limit, it can be quite competitive to get an activation code at this point in time.

After the activation code, you will need to create a Solana wallet with STEPN and transfer SOL to your wallet to purchase a sneaker.

You will only be able to earn tokens after you have purchased a sneaker!

You can check out my guide here on how to transfer funds from Binance to STEPN.

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