How To Fix The “INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT” Error On Pancakeswap

PancakeRouter Insufficient Output Amount Error

Last updated on April 11th, 2022

While you are making a trade on Pancakeswap, you may have encountered this error:

Pancakeswap Insufficient Output Amount

What is this error, and what should you do to resolve it?

Here’s what you need to know:

What is the “INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT” error on Pancakeswap?

The “INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT” error usually occurs when the slippage tolerance you set for your trade is too low, or that there is not enough liquidity in the required pool, so your trade cannot be routed on the platform.

Based on the documentation by Pancakeswap, it mentions that there are 2 main reasons for this error message:

  • Slippage tolerance is too low
  • Liquidity is too low
Pancakeswap Documentation Insufficient

Slippage tolerance refers to the maximum amount of slippage that you can tolerate while making a trade.

Slippage refers to the price difference between the price when you execute the trade and the price when the trade is confirmed on the decentralised exchange (DEX).

This issue of slippage tolerance is due to how the automatic market maker system (AMM) works.

This is different from the system that most centralised exchanges use, which is an order book.

Your slippage tolerance may be too low

Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency prices, the price of one cryptocurrency relative to another may experience a huge shift.

This is why the slippage tolerance setting is found in most AMMs, to control the amount of volatility you are willing to accept.

This ensures that you do not get a lower amount of cryptocurrency than you expect when you make the trade!

For example, you may want to buy 1,000 units of Crypto A with 100 units of Crypto B, with a slippage tolerance of 2%.

If there is a sudden increase in the price of Crypto A, where you will now need more than 102 units of Crypto B to purchase Crypto A, your trade won’t go through.

There is insufficient liquidity in the pool

The way that an AMM works is based on users depositing two tokens in equal proportions into the liquidity pool.

This is why some pools will have high APRs to attract you to provide liquidity in that certain pool.

If the trade is unable to be routed, it could also be due to the fact that there is not enough liquidity to carry out that trade.

This usually occurs for small-cap cryptocurrencies where the trading volume is not as high.

How do I fix the “INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT” error on Pancakeswap?

To fix the “INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT” error on Pancakeswap, you will need to increase your slippage tolerance under the settings tab.

On the Pancakeswap platform, you can select your slippage tolerance.

For example, I am intending to sell 100 of my TITANO tokens at a slippage tolerance of 1%.

Pancakeswap Sell TITANO

If I click on ‘Swap‘, I will receive the “INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT” error.

To increase your slippage tolerance, you will need to go to the gear icon, which will bring you to the settings.

Pancakeswap Sell TITANO Settings

You can adjust the slippage tolerance with one of the preset amounts, or you can manually input your percentage.

Pancakeswap Manual Slippage Tolerance

For certain tokens like TITANO, you will need a certain amount of slippage for your trade to go through.

TITANO Documentation 13

I would suggest slowly increasing your slippage tolerance by 2% each time, until your trade finally goes through.

Pancakeswap Trade Confirm

This will ensure that you will use the lowest slippage tolerance required, if not the amount of crypto that you receive may be less than you expect!

You can view a video guide here on how to sell TITANO tokens on Pancakeswap:


If you are experiencing the “INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT” error on Pancakeswap, this most likely means that your slippage tolerance is too low.

You’ll need to go to the settings tab and manually increase your slippage tolerance until your trade will go through.

However, if your slippage tolerance is too high, the amount of crypto that you receive after the trade may be much lower than what you’d expect!

Another error that you may experience on Pancakeswap is the ‘Pancake: K’ error, and here’s how you can fix it.

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