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10 Steps To Qualify For StarkNET’s Airdrop (Coming Soon?)

While we may know that the $STRK token may be released soon, a recent blog post by Braavos (a wallet on StarkNET) may be hinting that it’s still possible to qualify for the airdrop.

I’m rather late to the game with this network, but here are the steps I did to try and qualify for the airdrop:

Step #1: Create a StarkNET wallet

I would highly recommend that you create a Braavos wallet, as there are some perks that come with creating this wallet.

image 61

StarkNET is not EVM-compatible, so you would not be able to add this network to Metamask, and instead you will need to create a wallet on an app that supports StarkNET.

Note: It is not possible to import your seed phrase from Argent X to Braavos, as they are currently not interoperable with each other.

Once you have created a wallet on either Argent X or Braavos, you will be stuck with that wallet provider!

Step #2: Bridge ETH to StarkNET

After you have created a wallet, the next step is to bridge your funds, which can be done via the StarkGate bridge.

image 62

However, the main drawback is that the gas fees are quite expensive on the Ethereum mainnet, and it can cost almost $8 for the transaction.

You can refer to my video below for more information about the alternative ways of bridging your funds to StarkNET:

Step #3: Activate StarkNET account

After receiving funds in your wallet, you will need to use some of them to activate your account.

image 60

This will cost some gas fees in the form of ETH.

Step #4: Mint a Braavos StarkNET ID

Braavos is having a promotion until the 20th of April where you can mint a StarkNET ID for a discounted price.

To participate, you will need to mint a braavos.stark domain first. This can be done by going to your wallet,

image 50

selecting the gear icon,

image 51

and selecting ‘register a braavos.stark domain’.

image 52

The transaction costs about 37 cents in USD.

image 53

Once you have minted, you can go to to mint your Bronze shield.

image 54

You can then mint a StarkNET ID for 0.0008 ETH.

image 55

This is much cheaper compared to some domains which requires $5 USD worth of ETH to purchase the domain per year!

Do you find it overwhelming to track all of the different airdrops that are available?

I’ve created an airdrop tracker of all the different networks and projects that I’m keeping an eye on,

image 33

and you can gain access to it by signing up for my Substack newsletter! The link to this Notion site will be included in the welcome email.

Step #5: Visit Braavos’ Pro Score dashboard

Braavos has this ‘Pro Score’ dashboard,

image 63

Where you can track:

  • The number of transactions on StarkNET
  • The number of protocols you’ve interacted with
  • The number of transactions you’ve made per month
image 64

These could be a good indication of how much tokens you’ll receive in the airdrop.

If you scroll down, there is a list of all the decentralised applications that you can interact with.

image 65

Step #6: Swap on decentralised exchanges

There are 4 decentralised exchanges where you can perform swaps on StarkNET:

The process will be similar, where you can perform a swap on the platform,

image 66

and then add liquidity to the pools.

image 67

I would recommend a USDC/USDT pair as you reduce the risks of impermanent loss.

Both of these transactions will cost some gas fees, which could go up to $1 USD.

Step #7: Lend out funds on Nostra Finance

You can lend out some of your tokens using Nostra Finance,

image 69

but this is only limited to 5 USD per token.

image 68

Depositing your funds will cost some gas fees too.

Step #8: Interact with NFT marketplaces

There are a few marketplaces that you can try on StarkNET, including:

  • Aspect
  • Mint Square

In fact, you can interact with Mint Square if you are looking to get the zkSync airdrop too.

You can mint an NFT on Mint Square, and buy or sell any NFTs on the marketplace.

image 70

Step #9: Interact with games on StarkNET

There are 2 games that are launched on StarkNET:

and it’s something you may want to keep an eye out for in the future.

Step #10: Try out testnet projects on StarkNET

There are some projects that are still in the testnet, and you can try them for free.

You can get testnet ETH on StarkNET’s Goerli testnet via this faucet,

image 71

but you’ll only receive 0.002 ETH.

Another alternative is to bridge Goerli ETH from the Ethereum testnet via the StarkGate testnet bridge.

image 72

Don’t forget to switch your network to Goerli on Metamask!

After that, you can try out some decentralised applications including:

  1. ZKX
  2. SithSwap (don’t forget to switch your network to StarkNET’s testnet!)
  3. zkLend
  4. Cygnus DAO

Since you are using test tokens, you won’t be using real-life money to get your funds. The most important step is to perform as many transactions, and interact with as many smart contracts as possible.


The gas fees on StarkNETare slightly lower compared to zkSync, so you won’t have to bridge a large amount over.

Hopefully, these activities will allow you to qualify for the future airdrop!

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