How To Reset The Free Transaction Limit On Your Ronin Wallet

Ronin Wallet Reset Free Transaction Limit

If you’ve just created a Ronin Wallet, you may have noticed that you can’t process any transactions!

Ronin Wallet Cannot Process Transaction

Instead, you will just receive this error message ‘You’ve used up today’s free transactions‘.

Here’s what you need to do to solve this problem:

How to reset Ronin Wallet’s free transaction limit

To reset the free transaction limit on your Ronin Wallet, you will need to log into the Axie Infinity marketplace with your Ronin wallet. After you have created an account by verifying your email with Axie Infinity, you will now be able to process 100 free daily transactions on your Ronin Wallet.

Here’s a further explanation of what you’ll need to do:

Log into Axie Infinity marketplace with your Ronin wallet

The first step you’ll need to do is to go to the Axie Infinity marketplace, and select ‘Login with Ronin Wallet‘.

Axie Infinity Login With Ronin Wallet

You will be asked to confirm this connection from your Ronin Wallet.

Ronin Wallet Confirm Link With Axie Infinity

Set up an email and password for your Ronin Wallet

Once you have logged into the Axie Infinity Marketplace dashboard, it will indicate that you will need to complete your account registration by setting up your email and password.

Axie Infinity Set Up Email And Password

You will be asked to enter an email and password,

Axie Infinity Create Email And Password

and you will be asked to verify your email.

Axie Infinity Verify Email

Axie Infinity will send you the verification code to your email, which you can paste onto the marketplace.

Axie Infinity Verification Code

Obtain 100 free transactions per day after verifying your account

After you have verified your account, you will now be able to process 100 free transactions per day on your Ronin Wallet!

Ronin Wallet Process Free Transactions

You are now able to perform transactions with your Ronin Wallet, such as staking AXS on the Staking Dashboard!


If you see the error message that mentions that ‘You’ve used up today’s free transactions‘, it most likely means that you have not verified your Ronin Wallet with the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

As such, you will need to log into the Marketplace with your Ronin Wallet, and verify it through an email and password before you can have free transactions in your Ronin Wallet!

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