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4 Steps To Complete The Linea Voyage Campaign (Bridge Week)

Last updated on May 7th, 2023

Linea has announced its Voyage campaign, which is similar to the previous Arbitrum Odyssey campaign.


The best part is that Linea is still on the testnet, so every transaction done is free.

These end on 7th May, so do try to do them asap!

Step #1: Bridge BUSD and BNB to Linea on Celer

First, you’ll need to get testnet BNB from the faucet.


You’ll need to get BUSD from the faucet on Celer, which requires testnet BNB (as gas fees) to claim these tokens.


After that, you can bridge both BNB and BUSD to Linea.

I found this step really troublesome as Celer was rather laggy, it could be that everyone is rushing to complete the task.

If you can’t load your balances, I would suggest that you try again another time.

Step #2: Bridge MATIC from Polygon to Linea on Connext

This was the easiest and most straightforward task of all.

First, you’ll need to get testnet MATIC from the faucet.

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After that, you can bridge it over to Connext.

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You can bridge you MATIC over, but don’t forget to leave some behind to pay for gas fees.

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Step #3: Bridge USDC, DAI, HOP and gETH from Goerli to Linea on Hop Exchange

If you need help with getting Goerli ETH, check out my guide here.

Once you have these tokens, you can bridge them over to Linea using Hop Exchange.


For DAI and HOP, you can claim them via Hop’s faucet.


However, for USDC, you’ll need to get them from the Linea faucet.

image 1

Alternatively, you can get USDC from this other faucet, but don’t forget to select the ETH network!

image 6

Step #4: Bridge TUSD and EUROe from Avalanche Fuji to Linea on Multichain

Similar to USDC on Goerli, you will need to use the Linea faucet to claim TUSD.

image 3

This is done by locking up some AVAX tokens, which you can get here.

image 2

For EUROe, you can use the same faucet, and you’ll just need to change the token.

image 4

Once you have both tokens, you can bridge them to Linea via Multichain.

image 5

Each transaction will cost some AVAX as gas fees.

Step #5: Bridge USDT and UNI from Goerli to Linea on Jumper

This is a brand new task, and you’ll need to get USDT and UNI from the faucet on Hop Exchange.

image 10

The cost to claim these testnet tokens can be extremely high, so you’ll need quite a bit of Goerli ETH.

After that, you can head to Jumper Exchange to bridge your funds to Linea.

image 11

The network is super unstable and it took me a really long while before I could perform this bridging transaction.


This has got to be one of the most confusing campaigns ever, as the steps aren’t clear enough. I spent a long time figuring out how to get these testnet tokens before being able to perform the transactions!

Once you have completed all of these tasks, check out my guide on other tasks you can perform to get the Linea airdrop here.

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