3 Steps To Send ALGO To An Algo Wallet

If you own some ALGO, you may be looking to send it to your ALGO Wallet.

Here’s a guide on how you can do so:

How to send ALGO to ALGO Wallet

Here are 3 steps to send ALGO to your ALGO Wallet:

  1. Select a platform that enables ALGO withdrawals via the Native ALGO network
  2. Obtain the ALGO deposit address from ALGO Wallet
  3. Send ALGO from the platform of your choice to ALGO Wallet

Here is each step explained further:

Select a platform that enables ALGO withdrawals via the native ALGO network

The first step you’ll need is to find a platform that supports ALGO, and you are able to send ALGO to ALGO Wallet via the native ALGO network.

Here are 5 platforms for your consideration:

PlatformNative ALGO
Binance0.01 ALGO
Crypto.com0.5 ALGO
Gate.io0.1 ALGO

You may notice that FTX charges the cheapest fees for Native ALGO withdrawals.

Obtain the ALGO deposit address from ALGO Wallet

When you are on the homepage of your ALGO Wallet, you will need to tap on ‘Receive‘.

98FvQsEDfvagKTYij4JZ48lmJcfaD1I7l71U4mh8 NRTxGz0O4rit8JqYUgxNR6tWtNJCvB55WlqY9fKPzj7Wj4uStAd3CU3gIfkhprZ16FxzXgQtR1PnrNDI1Pr Ais9HSyA8XxIjHfQW 1lw

You are only able to deposit ALGO to your ALGO wallet via its native chain (ALGO).

OgGwzYk9DY3Q dlcHXqWHiQlc5e90MtBmKJsWuqCfFof N7mBEVtpjQvLpTNNI if7SYGunl0ZDCL iW5uVlB XuOh2NQ5K8NXLWDMSOITxbxsduo2avjvAk7F7aBNMSNPlLmYwqakX Q3iF5g

This allows you to view and copy the native ALGO address.

You may notice that this address that not start with ‘0x’, as Algorand is not an EVM-compatible network.

Send ALGO from the platform of your choice to ALGO Wallet

After you have copied the deposit address from ALGO Wallet, the last step would be to send ALGO from the platform that you’ve selected previously.

In this example, I will be using Binance to send ALGO.

bi7yzpiFiLUy8o8q4fxGhZUW DO556NE8a4eIZ2GbXKVsQymgiwSbDbf oyh4EIdd5ZoaPSKi8f5Op5kIzBoTg2hdo pqfehEqxrLmPe6l PXHqo8

After pasting the address, Binance automatically determines the type of network that will be used (ALGO).

Once you have confirmed the transaction, you will be able to receive ALGO in your ALGO Wallet.


When you are sending ALGO to ALGO Wallet, you are able to send it via its native chain (ALGO).

Alternatively, you can send ALGO to your Exodus wallet to stake it there.

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