How To Fix The ‘Out Of Gas In Location’ Error On Keplr

‘Out Of Gas In Location Error On Keplr

While you are processing transfers with your Keplr wallet, you may encounter this error:

Keplr Out Of Gas In Location Error Notification

What does this error mean, and how do you resolve it?

Here’s what you need to know:

What is the ‘out of gas in location’ error on Keplr?

The ‘out of gas in location’ error means that the amount of gas used to process your transaction is greater than the gas limit that you have set for that transaction. Your transaction will not be processed as the gas limit is too low.

In this error message, there are 2 main factors that come into play:

gasWantedGas limit for the transaction
gasUsedAmount of gas required for the transaction

For this error to occur, the gas required for the transaction will be greater than the gas limit you set.

In the example above, the gasUsed (992,796) was higher than the gasWanted (980,000).

As such, my transaction could not be processed!

How to fix the ‘out of gas in location’ error on Keplr?

To fix the ‘out of gas in location’ error on Keplr, you will need to increase your gas limit so that it will be greater than the value in the gasWanted section.

When you are processing a transaction on your Keplr wallet, you are able to select the fee that you want to pay: High, Medium or Low.

Keplr Wallet Set Fee

Under this field, there is the ‘Set Gas‘ option, which you can click on it:

Keplr Wallet Set Gas

This will allow you to set the gas limit for your transaction.

Keplr Wallet Set Gas Field

You can use the previous gasUsed value as the amount to enter for the ‘Gas‘ field.

If the transaction still fails you can start to increase this to a much higher value.

Once the ‘Gas’ that you set is higher than the gasUsed, your transaction should be able to go through!

Keplr Transaction Success


The error that you receive in your Keplr wallet is most likely because your gas limit is set too low for the transaction to be processed.

Once you are able to process your transaction, you can view my other guides on the Keplr wallet:

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