5 Steps To Transfer ADA From Huobi To Your Yoroi Wallet

Huobi To Yoroi Wallet

Last updated on January 25th, 2022

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If you have bought some ADA on Huobi, you may be looking to send it to your Yoroi Wallet to stake ADA.

Here’s a guide on how you can do so:

How to transfer ADA from Huobi to Yoroi

Here are 5 steps to transfer ADA from Huobi to your Yoroi wallet:

  1. Obtain the ADA deposit address from your Yoroi wallet
  2. Go to ‘Exchange Account’ on Huobi
  3. Select ADA as the cryptocurrency that you want to withdraw
  4. Enter the transaction details
  5. Receive ADA in your Yoroi Wallet

And here is each step explained further:

Obtain the ADA deposit address from your Yoroi wallet

The first thing you’ll need to do is to create a Yoroi Wallet.

Yoroi Wallet Website

Don’t forget to keep your seed phrase secure, as this can be used by anyone to access your wallet!

Once you have created your wallet, you will need to go to the dashboard and select ‘Receive‘,

Yoroi Wallet Select Receive

and this will show you the ADA deposit address that you’ll need to copy to Huobi.

Yoroi Wallet ADA Deposit Address

Your address should start with ‘ada‘, which is a Cardano network address. This is different from ‘0x‘ addresses which are for the ERC20 and BEP20 networks.

If you are finding it hard to remember all of these long deposit addresses, you may want to consider simplifying them using Unstoppable Domains.

This allows you to send crypto to a .crypto or .wallet address, which makes it much easier to transfer cryptocurrencies between platforms!

Go to ‘Exchange Account’ on Huobi

On Huobi’s platform, you’ll need to go to ‘Exchange Account‘ from the Balances tab.

Huobi Select Exchange Account

This account allows you to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies from Huobi.

Select ADA as the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw

Once you’re there, you can select ADA as the cryptocurrency that you intend to withdraw.

Huobi Select ADA Withdraw

You will need to click on the ‘Withdraw‘ button.

Enter the details of the transaction

There are a few details that you’ll need to enter for each transaction.

Huobi Withdraw ADA Details

This includes:

  1. The deposit address that you’ve obtained from Yoroi
  2. The network that you will be using (ADA and not HECO)
  3. The amount of ADA that you wish to withdraw from Huobi

Yoroi only supports native ADA in their wallet, and not the HECO version of ADA.

If you happen to send ADA using HECO network to your Yoroi Wallet, there is a chance that your ADA may be lost forever!

Receive ADA in your Yoroi Wallet

After the transfer has been initiated, you will receive ADA in your Yoroi Wallet. Transactions on the Cardano network are really fast, and you should be able to receive the funds within a few minutes!

What are the fees for transferring ADA from Huobi to Yoroi Wallet?

Huobi charges 1 ADA for withdrawals via the ADA network. This fee is similar to withdrawing ADA on other platforms.


Sending ADA to Yoroi Wallet allows you to stake ADA on their platform, and you can use this same method for other platforms like Binance or

You are also able to use the Exodus wallet to stake ADA too.

Alternatively, you can send your ADA to, and lend it out to earn interest.

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