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7 Ways To Bridge To The Linea Mainnet

With the latest launch of Consensys’ zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) Layer-2 network, here are some of the ways you can send your funds over to Linea.

For a complete guide on bridging your funds, you can check out my video here:

Platform #1: Official Linea Bridge

If you have funds on the Ethereum Mainnet, you can bridge them over using Linea’s official bridge.


However, when I tried this, the gas fees that I needed to pay were around $3, and this was really expensive.

I would not recommend this method if you only have a small amount of ETH that you wish to bridge over to Linea.

Platform #2: XY Finance

XY Finance is a great option if you have some Ethereum on other Layer 2s like Polygon, Arbitrum or Optimism.

image 1

The fees are around 0.00104 ETH (about USD $2), so it’s not really that bad.

Furthermore, the gas fees will be much cheaper than Ethereum, as they should usually cost less than $1.

Platform #3: Symbiosis

You can transfer funds via different Layer-2s to Linea via Symbiosis.

image 3

The fees are quite affordable too, where I didn’t need to pay any fees when transferring from the Polygon network.

Platform #4: Rhino Finance

Rhino Finance is another platform that you can consider, but you are only limited to bridging to Linea from networks like Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync Era, Polygon zkEVM, or the Ethereum Mainnet.

image 2

However, the fees are slightly more expensive at around $2.50 USD.

Platform #5: deBridge

This platform is rumoured to have an airdrop in the future, so you may want to consider this platform.

What’s more, the fees are quite cheap when bridging from Polygon to Linea.

image 4

Platform #6: LayerSwap

Another platform that’s rumoured to do an airdrop, you can bridge ETH from other networks over to Linea.

image 5

The bridging fee costs around $2 USD as well, so it’s quite affordable.

Platform #7: Orbiter Finance

This platform is highly rumoured to be doing an airdrop, and I would recommend performing at least 10 transactions to get the Pilot role in their Guild.

image 6

The fees cost around $2 USD as well.


After getting your funds on Linea, you may want to consider interacting with some of the decentralised applications (DApps) to qualify for the potential Linea airdrop.

The gas fees are still rather expensive, and it may cost you around $1 per transaction, so you may want to bridge more funds to this network.

Do you find it overwhelming to track all of the different airdrops that are available?

I’ve created an airdrop tracker of all the different networks and projects that I’m keeping an eye on,

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