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2 Steps To Qualify For Orbiter Finance’s Airdrop

Last updated on April 3rd, 2023

Bridging to any Layer 2 is really easy with Orbiter Finance, and the best part is that you could be rewarded for this too!

While they’ve denied having a token YET,

here are some things you could still do to qualify for its future airdrop:

Step #1: Bridge as much as possible on the platform

You can use Orbiter Finance to bridge ETH across multiple Layer-2s, such as zkSync Era, Polygon’s zkEVM and StarkNET.


The fees should be rather cheap if you are bridging between Layer-2s like Polygon or Arbitrum, while Orbiter charges at most $5 USD per bridging transaction.

image 1

Step #2: Join Orbiter’s guild

You can join Orbiter’s guild that will allow you to receive a role on their Discord channel.

image 2

To get the Trainee Pilot role, you will need to perform at least 3 bridging transactions on Orbiter.

I will be trying to get the Pilot role by bridging at least 10 times, but don’t forget that each transaction will cost you some fees too!


These 2 steps could help you to get the airdrop when it’s live, and your role in Orbiter’s guild would most likely determine your token allocation.

Do you find it overwhelming to track all of the different airdrops that are available?

I’ve created an airdrop tracker of all the different networks and projects that I’m keeping an eye on,

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and you can gain access to it by signing up for my Substack newsletter! The link to this Notion site will be included in the welcome email.

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