3 Steps To Add BONE To Your Metamask Wallet

Add BONE To Metamask

The BONE token is a governance token on the Shibaswap platform, where you can earn it while providing liquidity.

Shibaswap Earn BONE

If you’re looking to transfer BONE tokens to your Metamask wallet, you will need to import BONE as a custom token.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to add BONE to Metamask on the Ethereum Network

Here are 4 steps to add BONE to Metamask on the Ethereum Network:

  1. Go to Metamask and ensure that you are using the Ethereum Network
  2. Select ‘Import Tokens’, and then ‘Import Custom Token’
  3. Copy the Ethereum contract from CoinMarketCap
  4. Double-check that BONE is detected and select ‘Add Custom Token’

And here is each step explained:

Go to Metamask and ensure that you are using the Ethereum Mainnet

The first thing you’ll need to do is to ensure that you are using the Ethereum Mainnet on Metamask.

TpYDAQ6NLvx9Nu1lEZIHhzBvhPBQDgudjJltsibYzpddUs75axnVjEXGjc3Qb3xV3VkvTI3HmiBs0jybuSpuWJ6OJ1w0Binv9nzt8 DSRE8T8mknoZH3n iL1T89 jESOSqzou8k

This is the default network for all Metamask wallets. 

Select ‘Import Tokens’, and then ‘Import Custom Token’

Once you’re on the Ethereum Mainnet, the next step will be to select ‘Import Tokens‘.

s2Bgo0MrDOXcmIWBwK HQDHxQpexpku1leIUeIP9IaOv9Obt80PTfjAI42qUrnSrSRqLF

If you try to search for BONE using the Search function, you aren’t able to import it using this method.

Metamask Search For BONE

Instead, you will need to go to the ‘Custom Token‘ section.

yT0PMlsbEVhVcA4nhJizTNS1qEuDv xYv9kShucDB346ZIoeGkhjenl29EJU6Rl uZE8tfZJX tSiBcZzXlvlOPBztY6 tIeY3AWk7LHcr0cik0l4kITA93tg0 fo mGkLzrLGkD

Copy the Ethereum contract from CoinMarketCap

For the next part, you can go to the BONE page on CoinMarketCap.

There is a section called ‘Contracts‘, where you’ll see the Ethereum contract for BONE

LkBfAodDh1xpPusiYv2oYmGE3TNhOaT 9 OfEepKJWqDFXyBO ib8QMFUn76LUxEo phs4y 6StMiNCUIvOm4F95ylXMbUpx2pphMIs6RF SiRJO 0MJAqAqWe SeTuTXUhiOVRf

You can click on the contract and it will be copied to your clipboard.

Double-check that BONE is detected and select ‘Add Custom Token’

Once you’ve copied the Contract Address, you can paste it in the ‘Token Contract Address‘ field in Metamask.

Ykf2LyrFyEL0w1ZjvOX3gfIbdvJJc jQF2cHYmERcTDgD6OnPk5RSePJHsxCs3s7rIgOttjdkrbqmWzC3M o N8yqyViy3h9Oro0cp9RhisWpsjsQ8c

If you pasted the correct contract address, BONE should automatically appear as the Token Symbol.

After selecting ‘Add Custom Token‘, you will need to confirm importing BONE one more time.

i2Gs3X23mE1C2wF8D8lb7A5dvy81TPv5UhIwsX2i7Sd4D7A2iYiMzYitw13QjNlnaR8sDI1Ci yRSQu4Nu6WXhg4F

Once you’ve successfully imported BONE to your Metamask wallet, you should see it as one of your assets under the Ethereum Mainnet.

1KoSFn4I 1aaB6Fl1WXp25A5RGlW9gBhiww45u2E1BuYzVAnvANr27DFjaK21uf5mCWWhxgcMAx7hOweVv39jUAfbhZ2les EIa4pdUMXoPIuhTArFEszdWdKEjwRgjJEnH cAq

This will allow you to view any BONE that you’ve deposited via the ERC20 network!


BONE is an ERC20 native token, hence you can deposit BONE via the ERC20 network to your Metamask wallet.

This is similar to other tokens that are found on the Shibaswap platform, such as SHIB or LEASH.

Once you have completed the import of BONE, you can consider sending BONE tokens from another platform to Metamask.

After adding and receiving your tokens to your Metamask wallet, you can consider using decentralised exchange (DEX) aggregators, including:

Since both platforms are DeFi aggregators, they will ensure that you will get the best rates for any swaps that you make!

If you’re looking to generate tax reports for your crypto trades, you can consider using Koinly, which allows you to track your transactions from 350+ exchanges and 50+ crypto wallets.

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