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13 Steps To Qualify For The (Rumoured) Base Airdrop

Last updated on May 17th, 2023

Base has constantly denied that they’ll be releasing a token,

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but this was the case for both Arbitrum and Optimism before they released their token too.

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Here are some steps you can do to qualify for the airdrop in the future.

Step #1: Bridge to the Base network from Ethereum Goerli

To perform transactions on this network, you will need to bridge your funds over from the Goerli testnet to the Base testnet.

image 34

If you’re struggling to get Goerli Ethereum, you can check out my guide here.

This will require some gas fees as well, so you may not want to bridge all of your Goerli Ethereum over to Base.

Do you find it overwhelming to track all of the different airdrops that are available?

I’ve created an airdrop tracker of all the different networks and projects that I’m keeping an eye on,

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and you can gain access to it by signing up for my Substack newsletter! The link to this Notion site will be included in the welcome email.

Step #2: Complete the Layer3 quest

After you have bridged your funds over to Base, this will help you to fulfil all of the requirements for this Layer3 quest.

image 35

This could be another criterion for the airdrop.

Step #3: Mint the ‘Base, Introduced’ NFT

To commemorate the launch of Base, a ‘Base, Introduced’ NFT is available to be minted.

image 36

However, this will be done on the Ethereum mainnet, which means that the gas fees are very expensive.

I’ve personally chosen not to mint this NFT due to the high fees.

Step #4: Bridge ETH on Base to other networks

You can use Orbiter Finance to bridge your ETH tokens from Base to other Layer 2s, or even back to the Goerli testnet.

image 37

Orbiter Finance will charge some fees for this transfer, so it’ll be best not to bridge all of your funds!

Step #5: Play the Cat Attack game on Base

ThirdWeb has launched a Cat Attack game on Base,

image 38

and you can mint a Cat NFT, while attacking other players’ NFTs.

This will help you to perform multiple transactions on the Base network.

Step #6: Deploy a smart contract on Base

While this may seem quite technical, it’s actually not the case!

You can create some parameters on OpenZeppelin,

image 39

and then deploy the smart contract using the Remix IDE.

image 40

The most important step is to ensure that you are connected to the Base Goerli network when you are deploying the smart contract.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can check out my video for more information about this:

Step #7: Use the Axelar Bridge

Axelar is another cross-chain bridge like Orbiter Finance, and you can bridge testnet aUSDC from Base to another network.

However, you will need to get your aUSDC from the faucet channel on Axelar’s Discord.

image 41

You can use the !faucet command with your wallet address to get these funds.

After that, you can use the bridge on Axelar to bridge aUSDC to another network like Arbitrum.

image 42

You can try this out with any other EVM-compatible networks like Polygon, Avalanche or Optimism, but don’t forget to have enough gas fees on that network if you want to bridge you funds back!

Step #8: Swap on Cap

Cap is a perpetual exchange on Base, where you can long or short a few coins, and even try out leverage up to 5x.

I entered both a long and short position on ADA using ETH:

image 44

However, the gas fees can be quite high for these transactions, at about 0.006 ETH.

image 43

There are also pools where you can deposit your funds.

image 45

There’s a Stake section, but you are only able to stake the CAP token, and I don’t think it’s possible to buy this token on Base yet.

Step #9: Woo Network

Woo Network is another protocol that has launched on Base, and you can swap ETH for USDC or BTC.

image 46

It’s currently not possible to stake tokens under the Earn tab,

image 47

so it’ll be something to keep an eye out for in the future.

Step #10 CBSwap

Similar to Cap, CBSwap is another decentralised exchange where you can swap tokens.

Don’t forget to switch your network to Base!

image 48

You can swap ETH to either USDC, WETH or GOVCB (governance token of CBSwap).

After swapping, you can add liquidity to these pools.

image 49

Step #11: Swap on Dackie Swap

Similar to CBSwap, you can perform some actions on this DEX.

You can claim tokens from the faucet after retweeting a tweet,

image 121

and swap some tokens on the platform.

image 122

You can provide some liquidity to these tokens too.

image 123

Step #12: Create a multi-sig wallet on Safe

On the Safe website, you can create a multi-sig wallet with other wallet addresses.

Don’t forget to change the network to the Base network when you’re creating the wallet!

image 7

Step #13: Perform a multi-token swap on Odos

You can swap multiple tokens into 1 token with this platform.

image 12

Don’t forget to switch your network to the Base network!

Step #14: Interact with Neptune Mutual

You can test out some of the features on the Neptune Mutual platform.

image 13


All of this is merely speculation, and hopefully, Base will indeed surprise us and give us a token airdrop!

There are other Layer-2 networks that currently have the potential for an airdrop too, and you can check out my guides for Taiko and the ConsenSys zkEVM (Linea).

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