Toluna Consumer Insights Program Review (Earn $4 A Month)

Toluna Consumer Insights Programme Review

Last updated on June 6th, 2021

Do you wish to get paid while browsing the web? The Toluna Consumer Insights Program may be something that you’ll be looking for!

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However, is it safe and legit? Here’s a breakdown on how this program works:

Toluna Consumer Insights Program review

The Consumer Insights Program is a passive way for you to earn some money each month, at the expense of sharing your web browsing data. If you are comfortable with sharing this data, this program allows you to earn some passive income.

Here is the Consumer Insights Program reviewed in-depth:

What is the Toluna Consumer Insights Program?

The Consumer Insights Program is initiated by Toluna. This program conducts market research by collecting your web browsing activity on both your computer and phone.

Toluna Consumer Insights Program

This data is then provided to companies who will use it to improve their products and services.

Toluna will reward you with 8,000 points each month. These points can then be traded on Toluna’s Reward Marketplace for vouchers or PayPal cash.

All you need to do is to browse the web using the same browser 20 days a month. You will then be eligible for the 8,000 points reward!

How does it work?

To start using the Consumer Insights Program, here’s what you’ll need to do:

#1 Sign up for a Toluna account

To be a part of the Consumer Insights Program, you will first need to have a Toluna account.

Toluna Sign Up

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can use my referral link. We will both receive 500 points when you sign up!

#2 Download the extension or app

The next thing you’ll need to do is to download the extension on your browser or the app on your phone.

Web Browser ExtensionGoogle Chrome
Mobile AppiOS
Google Play

For the web browsers, you can only install it using Chrome or Firefox. You may use other browsers like Brave which use the Chrome framework as well.

#3 Sign into the app or extension

You will then need to sign into your Toluna account in the app or the extension.

Toluna Consumer Insights Programme Sign In To Browser

This will link your Toluna account to your browser or phone.

#4 Browse the web

After you’ve added the extension and signed into your account, you can now browse the web as usual! To make sure that the Insights Program is collecting your data, your extension needs to be coloured blue.

Toluna Chrome

You will need to use the browser for at least 20 days each month to be eligible to receive 8,000 points.

If you have use more than one browser or are using the mobile app too, you will be able to earn additional points!

However, do take note that you will not be able to earn any points if you do not hit the 20-day mark.

#5 Earn rewards

The points will be credited to your Toluna account at the start of the next month.

Toluna Consumer Insight Program Rewards

Unfortunately you are unable to see where you’ve earned the points from.

There are also other downsides to earning the rewards:

1. Toluna does not tell you how many days you’re using the add-on

There is no way for you to track how many days you’ve already used the add-on. As such, you will need to manually track this by yourself if you wish to do so.

If you regularly use Chrome or Firefox to browse the web, this should not make much of a difference!

However if you do not receive any points, you are unable to know the reason why you didn’t receive them.

Using the iPhone app does not give me any points

I’ve installed the iPhone app on my phone. However, it has not earned me any points after a few months.

Perhaps there is a specific web browser that you’ll need to use on your phone to be eligible for the reward. However, Toluna does not state this clearly on their website.

As such, browsing the web on your phone may not earn you any points.

#6 Claim your rewards

When you have accumulated enough points, you can use them to claim certain rewards.

Toluna Rewards Centre

Here are the rewards and the points required for the rewards in Singapore:

VoucherPoints Required
NTUC FairPrice 20 SGD41,000
FairPrice On e-Voucher 20 SGD40,000
SPC Petrol 10 SGD21,000 e-Voucher 10 SGD20,000
GrabFood e-Voucher 5 SGD10,000
Grab e-Voucher 5 SGD10,000
Google Play 30 SGD60,000
Dairy Farms / Cold Storage 10 SGD21,000
Takashimaya 10 SGD21,000
PayPal 20 SGD40,800

There are many different gift cards to choose from. If you wish to receive cold-hard cash, you can choose to redeem your points for PayPal credits.

Redeeming points for PayPal credits

If you choose to redeem the PayPal option, you will be able to earn around $4 a month from the Insights Programme.

When you redeem your points, Toluna will take a while to credit your PayPal credits to you. For example, I redeemed my points on the 12th of October.

Toluna Redeem Points

The $20 was credited to my PayPal account 11 days later.

Toluna Receive PayPal

As such, I believe that the Consumer Insights Program is rather legit!

This is a pretty good way to earn some passive income while browsing the web normally. However, you may incur some fees when you wish to withdraw your money from PayPal.

PayPal Fees For Singapore

There are other programs like Milieu Surveys that send you your payouts via PayNow. You will get access to your cash instantly!

Milieu Rewards Credit

Nevertheless, the Consumer Insights Program is still a good way to earn some extra cash.

Is the Consumer Insight Program safe?

You may be wondering why Toluna is paying you so much for browsing the web. This is because your consumer data is something really valuable to companies.

This helps them to understand consumer behaviour better. As such, they will be able to provide better services and products that will benefit you even more.

Toluna claims to collect your data anonymously

Toluna claims that your data is anonymous and they do not collect any of your personal data.

Toluna Consumer Insights Program How Safe Is My Data

They are only looking at collecting data on your usage of your phone and apps. You can read their Privacy Policy to find out more.

A price to pay for your data

There are other companies which have been already collecting your data without paying you anything. Through Toluna’s Insight Program, you are able to receive some money in exchange for your data.

As such, you’ll need to decide if you are willing to ‘sell’ your data to earn a small amount each month!


Here are some key pointers about this program:

#1 You are able to earn income passively

Can you find a better way to earn some passive income? You are already getting paid for doing what you normally do!

I used to do surveys on Toluna’s platform to earn some money. However, some of these surveys are really long. They will get pretty draggy after a while.

I have since stopped doing surveys on Toluna. Instead, I’m just using the browser extension when surfing the web.

It is a much more passive way of earning some money each month.

#2 The rewards are pretty attractive

You are able to redeem a variety of E-vouchers and even PayPal credits from the points that you’ve earned.

Withdrawing your money from PayPal may incur a fee. However, you can wait till you’ve gathered $200 before withdrawing. That way, you do not incur a $1 withdrawal fee!

#3 Toluna is not really transparent

Toluna’s information page does not really provide much details about this program. Moreover, there is no way to track your progress each month.

As such, you can only wait till the start of each month to know if you’ve hit the required 20 days to earn the 8,000 points.

Moreover, I do not know how the iPhone app works since it does not mention anything about the Consumer Insights Program.

Toluna iPhone App

This may make you question the validity of the program. However from my experience, Toluna has been quite trustworthy in their payouts.

You may want to use only the web browser extensions to earn points.

#4 You may be concerned about data privacy

The app and extensions will be constantly collecting data about your web browsing history. Although Toluna claims that all data collected is anonymous, you may choose not to trust what they say.

If there are certain things that you do not wish Toluna to track such as your mobile banking activity. You can browse these sites using an incognito window.

Incognito Window

Since extensions are disabled when you’re in incognito mode, Toluna will be unable to track these browsing activities.


Toluna’s Consumer Insights Program allows you to earn some income by sharing your web browsing activity. This is great as you are getting paid for doing something that you’re already doing.

If you are concerned about your data privacy, this may be something that you don’t want to join.

Toluna Referral (Earn 500 points when you sign up)

If you would like to sign up to Toluna, you can use my referral link to do so. This will allow both of us to earn 500 points.

Toluna Referral

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