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5 Steps To Qualify For Taiko’s Airdrop

Taiko is yet another zkEVM, which they even managed to get a shoutout from Vitalik himself!

Their mainnet is launching in 2024, and here are some steps you can do to potentially qualify for the airdrop.

If you prefer a video guide, you can check it out here:

Step #1: Get Sepolia Ethereum

Taiko requires you to bridge ETH from the Sepolia testnet, instead of the usual Goerli testnet.

You can get your Sepolia ETH from this faucet, which gives you about 1 Sepolia ETH/day.

image 9

If you are looking to get Goerli ETH, you can check out my guide here.

Step #2: Bridge Sepolia ETH To Taiko

The next step is to go to the Taiko Bridge and send your ETH to this testnet.

image 10

Before doing so, you can use the faucet to claim BLL and HORSE tokens.

image 11

The bridging fees can be quite expensive between 0.04 – 0.14 ETH, so it’ll be best to ensure you have enough ETH to process these transactions.

It may also take a while before the ETH gets sent over to Taiko, so do this in advance before you want to try out the different platforms!

Step #3: Swap on Taiko

You can use the Uniswap fork on the Taiko network to swap your ETH tokens to either BLL or HORSE.

image 12

Moreover, you can add liquidity to the ETH/HORSE or ETH/BLL pools.

image 13

You can try out these actions once every week, where you can swap, and both add and remove liquidity.

Step #4: Briding using Orbiter Finance

You can use the testnet version of Orbiter Finance to bridge your funds on Taiko to the testnets of other Layer-2s, including Linea, Scroll or even back to Goerli.

image 14

This platform can help you to transfer your ETH between testnets, especially if you are trying out for the airdrops on all of them.

Orbiter Finance may be rumoured to have an airdrop too, which you can find out more in my guide here.

Step #5: Collect Taiko’s entries on Mirror

Taiko has a Mirror blog, and you can collect an entry for every blog post they publish.

image 15

However, the public mint is only limited to the first 500 wallets, so you may want to receive email notifications from them and try to be the first 500 to mint it.


Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but we can hope that Taiko releases a token when they launch their mainnet in 2024.

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