The Ultimate Guide To Repairing Your Sneaker On STEPN

As you go for walks or runs on STEPN, you may notice that your shoe’s durability may start to decrease.

Why is this so, and how can you increase your shoe’s durability?

Here’s what you need to know:

How do I repair my sneakers on STEPN?

You will need to go to the home page on STEPN, and tap on your shoe. After that, you can select ‘Level Up‘ on the bottom left-hand corner, and adjust the slider to repair your shoe by a certain amount of durability. For every durability point that you repair, you will need to pay some GST.

You can check out this video here for a detailed guide on repairing your sneakers on STEPN:

You can also check out how to buy a sneaker on STEPN here.

How much GST does it cost to repair my sneakers on STEPN?

The amount of GST that you’ll need to pay to repair your sneakers will depend on your sneaker’s level and quality (e.g. Common to Legendary). The higher your sneaker’s level and quality, the greater the amount of GST required to repair your sneaker by 1 durability point.

This means if you have a Legendary Level 30 sneaker, the amount of GST that you’ll need to repair your sneaker will be the highest!

Another thing you may want to consider is your sneaker’s Resilience stat. The higher the resilience, the slower the durability decay.

What this means is that you will reduce your shoe’s durability by a lower number of points with higher resilience.

For example, when I used up 2 energy with my sneaker, my sneaker’s durability initially decreased by 5 points. However, when I levelled it up and increased my sneaker’s resilience, I lost only 4 points when I used 2 energy as well.

STEPN Resilience Stat

While resilience does not reduce the repair cost per durability point, it does help with reducing the number of durability points lost.

When should STEPN sneakers be repaired?

Ideally, you should repair your sneaker before your durability goes below 50. This is because your sneaker efficiency will be decreased, which means that you will earn less GST per energy that you spend.

STEPN’s whitepaper mentioned that your sneaker’s efficiency will be reduced at 2 milestones:

50Efficiency decreases to 90%
20Efficiency decreases to 10%

It is not advisable for you to let your sneaker’s durability go below 50, as your GST earning rate will drop!

Should I repair my STEPN sneakers everyday?

It is not necessary for you to repair your sneakers everyday, as the cost of GST per durability point does not change. The most important thing is to ensure that your durability does not fall below 50.

The cost to repair your sneaker’s durability will be the same, regardless of whether your durability is at 60 or 90.

As such, you do not need to repair your sneaker every single day!

However, it will be best to ensure that your durability does not go below 50, or your GST earning rate will be reduced.

It may still be good to repair your sneaker everyday, so that you can build that habit and ensure that your durability remains high!

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