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Qualify For The SpaceFi And SyncSwap Airdrops (With This Guide)

With the launch of the zkSync Era mainnet, there are some projects that are currently live, with heavy rumours that they’ll be releasing a token soon.

2 of these projects are SpaceFi and SyncSwap, and here’s how you can qualify for them.

Both of these tasks will be ending in April, so it’s best to do them asap!

If you prefer a video guide, you can check it out here:

SpaceFi Airdrop

SpaceFi has an On-Chain Achievement Token on Galxe that you can claim,

image 30

and the instructions can be found on their Gleam page.

This includes:

  1. Adding liquidity into SpaceFi pools (either ETH/USDC or SPACE/ETH)
  2. Staking your LP tokens to earn yield
  3. Completing some social tasks on Gleam

Once you have completed all of these tasks, you can enter your wallet address in the last section, and wait for your address to be approved on Galxe.

This will enable you to mint the Galxe OAT.

Other steps will include:

SyncSwap Airdrop

SyncSwap is another decentralised exchange on zkSync Era, and I did some swaps while trying to qualify for the zkSync airdrop.

The tasks to get SyncSwap’s OAT is somewhat similar to SpaceFi,

image 31

and you’ll need to:

  1. Perform 2 swaps on SyncSwap
  2. Add liquidity into SyncSwap’s pools (I did it for ETH/USDC too)

This will allow you to claim SyncSwap’s OAT, which you can then use to get a Discord role in their guild.

image 32


Besides farming for these 2 airdrops, you can carry out more transactions on the zkSync network to qualify for their airdrop in the future, and you can find out more in my guide here.

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