3 Steps To Add Stargate (STG) To Your Metamask Wallet

If you’re looking to transfer your STG tokens to your Metamask wallet, you will need to import them as a custom token.

The process of adding STG is much easier, as you do not need to add it as a custom token like OHM.

Here’s a guide to help you get started.

How to add STG to Metamask on the Ethereum Network

Here are 3 steps to add STG to Metamask:

  1. Go to Metamask and ensure that you are using the Ethereum Mainnet
  2. Select ‘Import Tokens’, and then search for STG
  3. Confirm the addition of STG to your Metamask wallet

Go to Metamask and ensure that you are using the Ethereum Mainnet

The first thing you’ll need to do is to ensure that you are using the Ethereum Mainnet on Metamask.

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This is the default network for all Metamask wallets. However, you are also able to connect Metamask to other blockchain networks, such as:

  1. Polygon
  2. Fantom
  3. Binance Smart Chain
  4. Avalanche

As such, do remember to be on the Ethereum Mainnet before moving on to the next step.

Select ‘Import Tokens’, and then search for STG

Once you’re on the Ethereum Mainnet, the next step will be to select ‘Import Tokens‘.

MMJgMe7kBmul6uDde0bBbhMaR rXObwcDc VMvMFMngiN8nBkhcle3aHF5ITfRoFncdUuqfNO24fO DVjyQba2MbSNX8ILIVjbBtfrlsBszfmuzzWT6P3oREo0 kV 6tqXje1v2jIZDyKUu17Q

On the ‘Search‘ tab, you can search and select STG as the token that you wish to import.


Alternatively, you can go to the ‘Custom Token‘ section.

js3WQQMLnvwzMGPiQzuqhxwXwMwJUx4Ep6wQdCaoZdPhn0yUNvCBXQSFkvLA7yrsTQKNo82TSb TeUzbzlaRCj 849W 0JP6eX7jCI9UHj 0XhgmN07LhGWACmOgmzq656T2BxTchoj7s NYGA

After copying the Ethereum contract from CoinMarketCap,

mtQSX3pTENcBimD gOWA07tENoo ZCwYm1gLJgJChxQimpuHoGmNbaUFifUNQ6qu FcO nGxwT0sNQfUefVNTYAWou xT5VqFO3vGOHUXY6iti IYY8CTliHi Rge2kT88b2Uay Lfbb24Kycg

you can paste it into the ‘Token Contract Address‘ field in Metamask.

qeWRxpcY0ruQvwDHsiGKMl cuB7JQEHhV9DINMQcCcsSOCutHYNbojwhyw4wwqblNOza3U2G0N4566AJSckAYblfaPLZJOBlUB FvyP7V1KHwBAgsn67JguIerl2O3KU4LSTDbK60YdVC3p5 A

If you pasted the correct contract address, STG should automatically appear as the Token Symbol.

Confirm the addition of STG to your Metamask wallet

The last step you will need to do is to confirm importing STG one more time.

pEJrchFvM1LfgwLdXnBA QiTpNiMuHwmTd8bViuAUVpwvfaTk RVR4EVZ42ZMUTfX7BKoPW1j0

Once you’ve successfully imported STG to your Metamask wallet, you should see it as one of your assets under the Ethereum Mainnet.

HDXCee2ThwITgI3w6 bbBbQ5HXuZbR3AkzCsvBYD7je7XGUshw0bqVXSazVnW5zKRSAUXG7hbaWpuNWiPhm0i JGD2JQlt 2XKt0 IiJBP1V2Cu NhiF joDhYq14GB4RaqXqJkWXk0AZRuYyg

This process is similar to adding other tokens, such as SAND or MANA.


Apart from the ERC20 network, you are able to add STG to your Metamask wallet via the following networks as well:

The process will be similar for any of these networks.

You can check out my guide here on how to add any of these networks to your Metamask wallet:

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