3 Steps To Send TRX To Your Trust Wallet

If you own some TRX, you may be looking to send it to your Trust Wallet.

However, there are 3 different versions of TRX that Trust Wallet supports (Native TRC20, BEP20, and BEP2). 

Here’s a guide on how you can do so:

How to send TRX to Trust Wallet

Here are 3 steps to send TRX to your Trust Wallet:

  1. Select a platform that enables TRX withdrawals via these networks
  2. Obtain the TRX deposit address from Trust Wallet
  3. Send TRX from the platform of your choice to Trust Wallet

Here is each step explained further:

Select a platform that enables TRX withdrawals via the TRC20, BEP20, or BEP2 networks

The first step you’ll need is to find a platform that supports TRX, and you are able to send TRX to Trust Wallet via these 3 networks:

  • TRC20
  • BEP20
  • BEP2

Here are 4 platforms for your consideration:

Binance3.09 TRX 3.09 TRX1 TRX
Gate.io5 TRX

You may notice that the cheapest way to send TRX to Trust Wallet is via the TRC20 network. Moreover, FTX charges the cheapest fees for both BEP2 and BEP20 withdrawals.

Obtain the TRX deposit address from Trust Wallet

When you are on the homepage of your Trust Wallet, you will need to tap on ‘Receive‘.

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Trust Wallet will now show you all the tokens that you can deposit onto their platform. You will need to search for TRX, and it will bring up the 3 versions of TRX (Native TRC20, BEP20, or BEP2). 

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Depending on which network you want to send TRX to your Trust Wallet, you can tap on it and it will give you the corresponding deposit address. 

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This allows you to view and copy the BEP20 address for TRX. You may want to note that you can only send the BEP20 version of TRX to this address. Sending other coins to this address may result in permanent loss.

If you intend to deposit TRX via the Binance Beacon Chain (BEP2), your wallet address would start with ‘bnb’, and no memo is required! 

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However, if you intend to send TRX via its native chain (TRC20), note that your wallet address neither starts with ‘0x nor ‘bnb’.


Send TRX from the platform of your choice to Trust Wallet

After you have copied the deposit address from Trust Wallet, the last step would be to send TRX from the platform that you’ve selected previously.

In this example, I will be using Binance to send TRX.

If you are sending TRX via the BEP20 the address should start with ‘0x‘, and you can choose to transfer it out.

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After pasting the address, Binance automatically determines the type of network that will be used (BEP20).

However, if you are using the BEP2 network to send TRX to Trust Wallet, your address will start with ‘bnb‘. 

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Furthermore, no memo is required when you are sending from Binance to Trust Wallet!

You can also choose to send TRX to your Trust Wallet via its native chain (TRC20) as well, which is not an EVM-compatible network.

Once you have confirmed the transaction, you will be able to receive TRX in your Trust Wallet.


When you are sending TRX to Trust Wallet, you are able to send it to 3 networks: Native chain (TRC20), BEP20, or BEP2. 

For Trust Wallet, your balances from these networks are segregated. This means that if you want to withdraw TRX from your Trust Wallet in the future, you will need to use the same network that you originally used to deposit it.

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