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OCBC 90N vs OCBC Titanium – What’s The Difference?

OCBC 90N vs OCBC Titanium

OCBC offers two outstanding rewards cards for your everyday spending – OCBC 90N and OCBC Titanium. Each card offers great reward points for both local and foreign spending and choosing which one is better for you depends on your spending habits.

Here are the benefits each card offers.

The difference between OCBC 90N and OCBC Titanium

Both OCBC 90N and OCBC Titanium offer increased reward points for certain transactions. The differences between the two are the transactions eligible for increased reward points and the amount of increase for these transactions.

Below are the differences between the two cards.

Rewards Points

Both OCBC 90N and OCBC Titanium offer 1 reward point/$1 for all transactions, rewarded in increments of $5. This means that you can get 5 reward points for every $5 spent.

OCBC 90N offers increased Travel$ for all local and foreign transactions

OCBC 90N offers increased reward points, called Travel$, for all local and foreign currency transactions:

Local Currency6 Travel$/$5
Foreign Currency10.5 Travel$/$5

This is a great deal as all of your local currency transactions can get 1.2X reward points! If you also love travelling, your foreign currency transactions can get 2.1X reward points.

You may want to note that OCBC 90N excludes certain transaction categories from any rewards. For a full list of these categories, you may view OCBC 90N’s Terms & Conditions.

OCBC Titanium offers 10X OCBC$ for shopping transactions and online merchants

OCBC Titanium offers OCBC$50/$5 for the following categories:

Shopping TransactionsTransactions made locally or internationally for
merchants that sell shoes, bags, and clothes
as the main business activity
Online MerchantsOnline shopping platforms*

*Here are the online shopping platforms covered by OCBC Titanium’s 10X rewards offer:

If you love shopping, OCBC Titanium is a great option for the 10X reward points for shopping categories!

You may observe that while OCBC Titanium offers higher reward points (10X vs 1.2X/2.1X for 90N), OCBC 90N covers a wider range of categories eligible for increased reward points.

For a full list of merchants eligible for 10X reward points, you may view OCBC Titanium’s Terms & Conditions.

Rewards per Dollar

For eligible transactions, OCBC Titanium offers higher reward points than OCBC 90N. While the maximum rewards you can get for OCBC 90N is 2.1X for foreign currency transactions, OCBC Titanium offers as much as up to 10X rewards!

Here is a summary of the rewards per dollar that you can earn for either card:

OCBC 90NOCBC Titanium
Local Shopping
OCBC$50/$56 Travel$/$5
Local Non-
Shopping Transactions
OCBC$5/$56 Travel$/$5
Shopping Transactions
OCBC$50/$510.5 Travel$/$5
Foreign Non-
Shopping Transactions
OCBC$5/$510.5 Travel$/$5
Online MerchantsOCBC$50/$56 Travel$/$5 if charged
in foreign currency
10.5 Travel$/$5 if charged
in foreign currency

Note that both OCBC cards offer rewards in blocks of $5.

Minimum Spend

Both OCBC cards offer rewards for no minimum spend amount.

Maximum Reward Cap

OCBC 90N does not limit your reward accumulation due to its no maximum reward cap. This is a great way to collect points throughout the year!

On the other hand, OCBC Titanium has the following point system and reward cap:

  • For transactions eligible to receive 10X rewards, you will earn OCBC$45 as base points and OCBC$5 as bonus points per $5
  • For all other transactions, you will earn OCBC$5 as base points per $5

OCBC Titanium has an OCBC$120,000 cap for bonus points per year, with no cap for base points.

If you’ve exceeded the cap for bonus points, you will only earn base points for the exceeding amount.

Reward Points Expiry

While OCBC 90N does not have an expiry for its Travel$, OCBC Titanium OCBC$ expire in 24 months.

With 90N’s no rewards cap and no expiry offer, you have more flexibility to earn and redeem your points whenever you want to!

Reward Points Redemption

With either 90N and Titanium, you can use your reward points to redeem vouchers, cash rebates, and KrisFlyer miles. Here are the conversion rates for both cards:

OCBC 90NOCBC Titanium
Cash Rebates$10 cash rebates
for1,000 Travel$
$50 Titanium Cash
for OCBC$18,000
KrisFlyer Miles1,000 KrisFlyer Miles
for 1,000 Travel$
10,000 KrisFlyer Miles
for OCBC$25,000

You may want to note that OCBC 90N requires less Travel$ in order to redeem rewards with a minimum of 1,000 Travel$ per redemption. In contrast, OCBC Titanium requires at least OCBC$18,000 to redeem cash rebates.


Since both cards are offered by OCBC, they have the same eligibility requirements.

Age21 years old
Minimum Annual Income (Singaporeans)$30,000
Minimum Annual Income (Foreign Nationals)$45,000

Other Rewards

If you love booking accommodations via booking websites, OCBC 90N offers higher reward points per dollar booked through Agoda:

  • 7 Travel$ per S$1 on bookings made in foreign currency
  • 6 Travel$ per S$1 on bookings made in local currency

Note that the rewards are offered in increments of $5 (minimum of 35 Travel$ for foreign currency transactions and 30 Travel$ for local currency transactions).

On the other hand, OCBC Titanium offers 2% rebates for every dollar spent at BEST Denki. If you usually use your credit card for purchases of household appliances and electronics, this is a great benefit!


OCBC 90N offers a significantly lower annual fee. However, it does not have an annual fee waiver.

OCBC 90NOCBC Titanium
Annual Fee – Principal Card$53.50$192.60
Annual Fee – Supplementary Card$53.50$96.30
Waived Annual FeeNone2 years

OCBC 90N also offers a bonus of 10,000 Travel$ for a one-time annual fee top-up of $139. This means that if you pay $192.50 for one year, which is almost equivalent to Titanium’s annual fee, you get 10,000 bonus reward points!

Both OCBC cards have the same interest rates.

Interest – Card Transactions26.88% p.a.
Interest – Cash Advances28.92% p.a.

Final Verdict

Both OCBC 90N and OCBC Titanium are great options for everyday shopping spending.

To summarize, here is a side-by-side comparison of both cards:

OCBC 90NOCBC Titanium
Rewards per Dollar
–Eligible Transactions
6 Travel$/$5
(local currency)
10.5 Travel$/$5
(foreign currency)
Rewards CapNoneNo cap for base points
120,000 bonus points per year
Reward Points ExpiryNone24 months
Reward RedemptionVouchers
Cash Rebates
KrisFlyer Miles
Cash Rebates
KrisFlyer Miles
Annual Fee$53.50 – Principal
$53.50 – Supplementary
$192.60 – Principal
$96.30 – Supplementary
Annual Fee WaiverNone2 years
Interest Rate –
Card Transactions
26.88% p.a.26.88% p.a.
Interest Rate –
Cash Advances
28.92% p.a.28.92% p.a.

OCBC 90N is great if you frequently spend using foreign currency

With OCBC 90N’s increased rewards for foreign currency transactions, it is a great option if you usually use your card to spend using foreign currencies. Its higher rewards for Agoda bookings also make it best for travellers.

Although 90N offers lower rewards increase compared to Titanium, its no reward cap and no expiry combination, together with its lower annual fees, will give you more flexibility to accumulate points and redeem them whenever you want to!

OCBC Titanium is great if you love to shop

Since OCBC Titanium offers 10X reward points for both local and foreign currency shopping transactions, it is best if you love purchasing shoes, bags, and clothes, and often use online merchants to shop. You can also accumulate rewards more quickly since it provides a higher increase of reward points than 90N.

Since Titanium has a 24-month reward points expiry, you may want to redeem your points more frequently. However, this may not be that difficult as OCBC Titanium requires a higher number of points to redeem cash rebates and KrisFlyer miles.

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