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Revealing ALL 25 Actions To Get The LayerZero Airdrop

The latest funding round brought LayerZero’s valuation to $3 billion, and the potential airdrop could be really huge for this cross-chain messaging protocol.

Here are all of the different decentralised applications that use LayerZero, and how you can interact with them. (P.S. I’ll be splitting them up into the different categories that they fall into)

Before you start

Here are some tips that I would recommend as you are using real-world money to try out these applications:

  1. Get a non-custodial wallet like Metamask
  2. Send both stablecoins and the native tokens of ≥ 2 networks to Metamask

I would highly recommend using both the Polygon and Avalanche networks, as the fees are the cheapest compared to the others like Optimism, Arbitrum or the Ethereum mainnet.

Category #1: Bridges

With cross-chain functionality being the main feature of LayerZero, quite a few bridges utilises this protocol.

The main platform is Stargate Finance, where you can transfer tokens across 8 different EVM-compatible networks.

image 94

You are able to add your tokens into the pools to earn some yields, as well as stake STG.

Staking STG is useful as you can vote for proposals that are raised on the Stargate DAO.

image 95

Other bridges include:

image 96
  • The bridge on Trader Joe (you can only bridge JOE between Avalanche, BNB Smart Chain or Arbitrum)
image 97
  • The bridge on Harmony One (bridging tokens from ETH or BSC to ONE)
image 98
  • The bridge on Swimmer (bridging between Swimmer and Avalanche)
image 99
image 100
image 101

If you are looking to add liquidity to one of the pools, I would suggest doing it for the Goerli testnet.

You will need to add both Goerli ETH and Mainnet ETH (METH), and you can copy the contract address from Goerli Etherscan.

image 102

After that, you can swap Goerli ETH to METH on Uniswap (don’t forget to switch to the Goerli testnet!)

image 110
  • Bridge on Angle (Bridging agEUR across different networks)
image 103
  • BTC Bridge (bridging LayerZero’s BTC.B across different EVM-compatible networks)
image 105
  • USDC Bridge (currently deprecated until mainnet launch)
image 104
  • Altitude DeFi (KIV, may be launching soon)
image 108

Category #2: Trading Platforms

image 106
image 107
image 109
image 111

Category #3: Lending Platforms

image 112
  • Bridge tokens on Tapioca (KIV, next round of beta testing may be soon)
image 113

Category #4: Domain Names

image 114

However, this is done on the Ethereum mainnet, so gas fees can be quite high!

Category #5: NFT Marketplaces

  • Purchase NFTs on Omni-X (testnet)
  • Mint NFTs on Omnisea (however, it seems to only be on the Ethereum mainnet…)
image 115
  • Mint NFTs on Holograph (can be done on Polygon)
image 116

After creating a collection, you can bridge it to the Avalanche network

image 117
  • Optional: Purchase a Gh0stly Gh0sts NFT (fees are too high on Ethereum so I’m skipping this)
image 119

Category #6: Complete Layer3 Quests

So far, there are 3 quests that you can complete that are associated with LayerZero:

  1. Radiant Capital (Quests 1 and 2)
  2. Stargate Finance (Optimism network)
image 118

Checking your LayerZero transactions

You can check all of the transactions that you’ve performed on this Dune dashboard.

image 120

However, it may take a while to load, and you can enter your wallet address afterwards to see your transactions.


There are so many different methods to qualify for the LayerZero airdrop, and it may be best to do as many as you can afford.

You can check out my video here for all of the actions that I took:

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