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6 Steps To Qualify For Mantle’s Airdrop (And Get $BIT Tokens)

Mantle is a Layer-2 built on Ethereum that was initiated by BitDAO.

Here are some of the steps you can take on its testnet to potentially get a $BIT token airdrop:

Step #1: Get BIT tokens on Goerli

There are 2 ways to get BIT tokens on the Goerli testnet:

the #faucet channel on the Mantle’s Discord,

image 85

and the faucet on the Mantle site

image 86

You will receive BIT tokens on the Ethereum mainnet.

Step #2: Complete tasks on Mantle’s Zealy questboard

There are multiple tasks that you can complete on Mantle’s Zealy questboard.

image 87

This includes some simple tasks like following their socials, and other on-chain tasks.

Step #3: Bridge funds to the Mantle testnet

Now that you have BIT tokens on Goerli, you can bridge it to Mantle to be used as gas fees.

image 88

You will need some Goerli ETH to pay for gas fees on the Goerli network for this bridging transaction.

If you do not have enough Goerli ETH, you can check out my guide here.

Step #4: Get roles on Mantle’s Guild

You can access Mantle’s Guild and get some of the roles for Discord.

image 89

However, majority of these roles require you to purchase the BIT token on the Ethereum mainnet, where the gas fees can be extremely high!

Step #5: Mint your own token on DexPad

You can create a token on the Mantle network using DexPad.

image 90

Step #6: Swap tokens on MantleSwap

MantleSwap is the first decentralised exchange on the Mantle network, and you can use this to swap tokens,

image 92

and add liquidity.

image 93

Moreover, ManteSwap has a Zealy questboard that you can join as well.

image 91


There are other testnets that you could potentially interact with and qualify for an airdrop, including the likes of:

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