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DBS Live Fresh vs OCBC Frank – What’s The Difference?

DBS Live Fresh vs OCBC Frank
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Receiving cashback is a great way to save money whenever you spend using your credit card.

Both the DBS Live Fresh and OCBC Frank cards offer quite a high cashback for different categories, so one may be better for you, depending on your spending habits.

The difference between DBS Live Fresh and OCBC Frank

Both the DBS Live Fresh and OCBC Frank offer 0.3% cashback for all purchases with no minimum purchase amount. While they both offer additional cashbacks for purchases $600 and above, the cashback rates they offer differ.

Here is a comparison of the cashback for each card.

Cashback Rewards

Both DBS Live Fresh and OCBC Frank offer 0.3% cashback for all general spending, regardless of the amount spent.

DBS offers additional cashback for online, contactless, and sustainable spending

DBS Live Fresh offers 5% cashback for the following purchases, as long as they meet the required $600 minimum purchase amount:

Online SpendingPurchase of goods or services
over the internet
Visa Contactless SpendingPurchases made through Visa contactless
terminals using the card or mobile wallets
(Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay)

You may want to note that there are transactions excluded from DBS’ online and contactless spending cashback as listed in the DBS Live Fresh’s Terms & Conditions.

On top of the online and contactless spending cashback, DBS also offers an additional 5% cashback for sustainable spending from the following eco-businesses:

  • Eco-eateries
  • Eco-retailers
  • Transport services

Here is a list of businesses that will give you this additional 5% cashback:

TACHE1N3yLr dpp8pvhAlon0Z3gvCXwbeHoJZ2 wikqVDTbSxs 1N QjW3J1zG3ZnuoLOhe E9nmGPcfZkte2h2W4jZdgf9NzYMauDDM0P5WG tMk1uXWRGHgM XKeV81pDrQOD
Source: DBS

With this additional cashback, using your DBS Live Fresh card to purchase from any of the listed eco-businesses via online or Visa contactless will get you up to 10% total cashback!

If you frequently ride the public transport, DBS Live Fresh is surely a great option due to the 10% cashback that you can get from MRT and bus rides!

To use your DBS Live Fresh for MRT and bus rides, you will need to add them to your SimplyGo account first.

OCBC offers additional cashback for online/app spending, foreign currency transactions, and mobile payments

OCBC offers 6% cashback for the following purchases with a minimum spend of $600:

Online SpendingPurchase of goods or
services over the internet
Mobile Payments
In-store contactless transactions made via mobile wallets
(Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, or
other payment or mobile wallet services as OCBC Bank may determine)
In-Store Foreign
Currency Spending
In-store purchases charged
in non-SGD currency

Although DBS also offers additional cashback for mobile wallet payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay), OCBC includes more eligible mobile wallets than DBS as it also offers cashback for Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay.

You may want to note that contactless transactions are not included for OCBC FRANK. You will only earn cashback if you use a mobile wallet to make your payments. In contrast, DBS Live Fresh gives you the choice of using either the mobile wallet or contactless payment to earn your cashback

If you frequently use your mobile wallet to spend or frequently travel and purchase goods abroad using your credit card, you’re better with the OCBC Frank due to its higher cashback rewards for such transactions.

A foreign currency conversion fee is charged for foreign currency transactions using OCBC Frank which includes the following:

  • 1% of the foreign currency transaction amount as imposed by the respective card associations (Visa/Mastercard/American Express)
  • 2.25% of the foreign currency transaction amount as bank administrative fee

Here is a summary of the different categories that you can earn cashback on for each card:

DBS Live FreshOCBC Frank
Online SpendingOnline Spending
Mobile Payments (Apple Pay,
Samsung Pay, Google Pay)
Mobile Payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay,
Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay)
Visa Contactless SpendingForeign Currency Spending

Cap on Cashback

Both DBS Live Fresh and OCBC Frank have a limit of $75 cashback per month. However, the caps that they have are different, depending on the different categories available.

DBS Live FreshOCBC Frank
In-Store Contactless
– Card*
$20 (together with
mobile wallet)
In-Store Contactless
– Mobile Wallet*
$20 (together
with card)
$25 (together with
foreign currency)
Foreign Currency*N/A$25 (together with
mobile wallet)
All Others$20$25
*minimum of $600 purchase amount


DBS and OCBC have the same requirements for their credit card applicants:

Age21 years old
Minimum Annual Income
Minimum Annual Income
(Foreign Nationals)

Other Rewards

DBS and OCBC both offer great rewards for their credit card holders such as:

  • Shop/Restaurant Discounts
  • Flexible Payment Plans

DBS, being the first eco-friendly card in Singapore, promotes eco-friendly and sustainable living. They have a regular program called #FreshDropFriday wherein they host workshops such as gardening.
Source: DBS

DBS also has regular giveaways wherein their cardholders are entitled to raffle coupons for a minimum spend amount.
Source: DBS


The annual fee for OCBC Frank is significantly lower than that of DBS Live Fresh’, and their annual fee waiver is also longer.

DBS Live FreshOCBC Frank
Annual Fee –
Principal Card
Annual Fee –
Supplementary Card
Waived Annual Fee1 year2 years

For the interest rates, DBS offers lower rates than OCBC for both card transactions and cash advances.

DBS Live FreshOCBC Frank
Interest – Card Transactions26.80% p.a.26.88% p.a.
Interest – Cash Advances28% p.a.28.92% p.a.

Final Verdict

DBS Live Fresh and OCBC Frank offer the same cashback for no minimum purchase amount with the same total monthly cap. While OCBC Frank offers higher cashback rates for purchases over $600, DBS Live Fresh offers a higher cashback rate for sustainable spending.

Here is a summary of what each card offers:

DBS Live FreshOCBC Frank
Contactless – Card*
Contactless – Mobile Wallet*
Foreign Currency*0.3%6%
Sustainable5% (+ 5% if online
All Other
Maximum Monthly
Annual Fee
for Principal Card
Annual Fee Waiver1 year2 years
*minimum of $600 purchase amount

OCBC Frank is best for online shopping and travelling

With the lower annual fee for OCBC Frank, it is best if you frequently shop online or make contactless transactions.

OCBC FRANK provides a higher cashback rate compared to DBS (6% vs 5%).

If you love to travel and shop abroad, it is also the perfect choice since it offers 6% cashback for foreign currency transactions!

Moreover, the cashback caps for each special category is slightly higher compared to DBS Live Fresh ($25 vs $20).

DBS Live Fresh is the card for sustainable living

If you are living and promoting a sustainable lifestyle, DBS Live Fresh may bring you more bang for your buck since it offers additional 5% cashback for purchases on eco-friendly businesses

You are also able to receive up to 10% cashback for bus and MRT rides!

Moreover, it gives you flexibility in using either mobile wallets or contactless spending to earn your cashback for non-online transactions.

If you are intending to use this card for the long term, you may want to note that the annual fee waiver is shorter and the annual fee is much higher compared to OCBC FRANK.

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