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Should You Convert Your Crypto Dust To CRO? (Explained) Convert Dust

When you are making multiple trades on the App, you may have noticed that you have accumulated rather small amounts of different cryptocurrencies.

However, you’re unable to trade these small amounts on the app!

Here’s how converting all of your crypto dust to CRO can help to solve this problem for you.

How do I convert dust on

This is how you can convert your crypto dust to CRO on

  1. Go to the Crypto Wallet and tap on the Convert Dust symbol
  2. Tap on ‘Convert Small Balances’
  3. Select up to 5 cryptocurrencies to convert to CRO
  4. Confirm the transaction

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to convert your crypto dust:

You’ll need to go to your Crypto Wallet, and tap on the square symbol at the top right-hand corner. Convert Dust 1

This will bring you to the ‘Convert Small Balances‘ page, Convert Dust 2

and after clicking ‘Convert Now‘, you will be able to see all of the coins that you are able to convert to dust. Convert Dust 3

You are only able to convert up to 5 different cryptocurrencies to CRO at any one time.

You can convert cryptocurrencies with a balance that is less than ~0.0003 BTC. This is because the minimum trade limit on the App is around 0.0003 BTC for most cryptocurrencies on the app.

After that, you will be able to view the amount of CRO that you’ll receive from the dust. Convert Dust 4

Once you’ve confirmed the transaction, CRO will be credited into your wallet.

Can I convert crypto dust on the Exchange?

There is currently no way for you to convert crypto dust to CRO on the Exchange. If you wish to convert your crypto dust, you will need to transfer it to your App and convert the dust from there.

This is because the App and Exchange are actually 2 separate platforms!

If you are using the Exchange, you may notice that the function to convert dust is not found on the platform. Exchange Balances

If you would like to convert the dust that you have in your Exchange, the only way to do so would be to transfer it to your App.

However, you may also want to take note of the minimum withdrawal that you can make for each cryptocurrency on the Exchange. If your amount is less than this, you will not be able to withdraw that amount from the Exchange to the App!

Why should I convert my crypto dust to CRO?

Converting your crypto dust on the App allows you to consolidate all of your small balances into CRO. Otherwise, you will be unable to trade these small balances on the App and they will remain idle until you buy more of that cryptocurrency.

Due to the minimum trading amount of ~0.0003 BTC, you won’t be able to trade balances that are smaller than that on the App.

As such, you are able to convert all of it to CRO, which is the native token of

If you are from Singapore and are thinking of selling your crypto back to SGD, you can use this method to consolidate your small balances under one token.


Converting all of your small balances to CRO on the App is a rather simple process. However, this function is not available on the Exchange.

Another thing you may want to note is the spread that you’ll incur when trading cryptocurrencies on the App.

Although there are no fees, the exchange rate that you’ll pay between 2 cryptocurrencies may be less favourable compared to the market rate!

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