6 Steps To Transfer From Blockfi To Celsius

BlockFi to Celsius
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If you are looking for ways to earn interest on your cryptocurrencies, you may have come across both Blockfi and Celsius.

You may be wondering how you can transfer cryptocurrencies from Blockfi to your Celsius account, and here’s what you need to know:

How to transfer crypto from Blockfi To Celsius

Here are 6 steps you’ll need to transfer your crypto from Blockfi to Celsius:

  1. Go to ‘Menu → Transfer’ on Celsius
  2. Select the coin you wish to transfer
  3. Copy the wallet address on the Celsius app
  4. Select the currency that you wish to withdraw on Blockfi
  5. Enter the transaction details and review the withdrawal
  6. Receive the currency on Celsius

And here is each step explained step-by-step:

Go to ‘Menu → Transfer’ on Celsius

When you’re on the Celsius app, you would need to go to the Celsius menu and tap on ‘Transfer‘.

Celsius Transfer Page

Select the coin you wish to transfer

When you’re on this screen, you’ll need to select the currency that you wish to transfer into Celsius.

Celsius Select Bitcoin As Deposit

Copy the wallet address on the Celsius app

After you select a currency, you will be given a wallet address.

Celsius Deposit Bitcoin Page

Your wallet address is one long string of letters and numbers. It is very important that you copy it letter by letter! If you make any mistake in the wallet address, your crypto will be lost forever!

As such, the best way will be to copy your wallet address directly.

If you are finding it hard to remember all of these long deposit addresses, you may want to consider simplifying them using Unstoppable Domains.

This allows you to send crypto to a .crypto or .wallet address, which makes it much easier to transfer cryptocurrencies between platforms!

Select the currency that you wish to withdraw on Blockfi

After you have copied the deposit address, the next step would be to go to ‘Withdraw‘ on Blockfi’s platform,

Blockfi Select Withdraw

and then select which cryptocurrency you would like to withdraw.

Blockfi Select Currency To Withdraw

Enter the transaction details and review the withdrawal

The next step will be to enter how much of the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw.

Blockfi Review Withdrawal

You may also want to take note of the minimum withdrawal you will need to make for the cryptocurrency.

After that, you will be asked to review the withdrawal details before you confirm the withdrawal.

Blockfi Review Withdrawal Terms

Receive the crypto in Celsius

Once the withdrawal has been approved, it may take a while for the transaction to go through.

This really depends on how active the network is at the point of your withdrawal request.

As such, you may need to wait a while before you can receive your crypto on Celsius.

Which cryptocurrencies can I transfer from Blockfi to Celsius?

Here are the cryptocurrencies that are supported by both Blockfi and Celsius:

By Blockfi
By Celsius

This means that you are able to transfer all of the cryptocurrencies that are available on Blockfi to your Celsius account!

What are the fees for transferring from Blockfi to Celsius?

Blockfi gives you one free withdrawal per month, which greatly helps to reduce the amount of fees that you incur when transferring from one platform to another.

You will incur a withdrawal fee on the subsequent withdrawals that you make.

As such, it would be best to take advantage of this free withdrawal when you are transferring from Blockfi to Celsius!


There may be certain advantages of Celsius compared to Blockfi, which is why you may be considering transferring from one platform to another.

The best way would be to take advantage of the free withdrawal per month, which will help to reduce the fees that you incur!

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